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Bicycle lights for more safety

Are you looking for a new bicycle light for your bike? In our range, we offer you bright bike lights from well-known manufacturers that ensure greater safety on your tours and better visibility in the dark. The intense rear bicycle light makes you more visible to drivers on the road and reduces the risk of accidents. With the front-mounted bike light, you can illuminate the road in front of your bike in bright light, allowing you to ride safely even at dusk and in the dark. Choose your new bicycle light now in our shop as a practical USB bicycle light or battery-powered lamp and we will deliver your desired items directly to your home.

Front light and rear light for your bike

For a bike to be roadworthy, it must have a front light and a rear light. While the white front light primarily illuminates the path, making it easier to cycle in poor light conditions and in the dark, the red rear light ensures better visibility in road traffic. Our range includes bike lights from various manufacturers such as Seppi, Light & Motion, Blackburn, Wowow, Specialized and others. They offer you lighting solutions for your bike in all price ranges and of varying quality.

Key figures for the luminosity of bicycle lights

The unit lux is used to indicate the brightness of a bicycle light. It measures the brightness of the bicycle light at the front at a distance of ten metres. Lights with at least 10 lux are required by law. Significantly brighter models reach 50 lux or more, ensuring an optimally illuminated route and surroundings on your next tour by bike in the dark. Manufacturers often also specify the lumen value. This indicates how intensively the bike lights also emit light from the side.

Different energy sources for bike lights

In addition to the light intensity, another difference between the models in our range is how the lights are powered. Some manufacturers offer bicycle lights with batteries. These can be replaced with little effort or can be operated with rechargeable batteries. The USB bicycle light, on the other hand, is connected to a PC by cable or plugged directly into a socket via an adapter and recharged. Compared to disposable batteries, this is the much more environmentally friendly option.

Another difference can be seen in the built-in light source of a bike light. Depending on the model, this can be a very light intensity LED version or the slightly cheaper halogen lamp. In addition to new bike lights for your bike, you can also get spare parts from us, such as a new bracket for the bike lights. This can be attached directly to the handlebars of the bike. When buying such a bracket, you should make sure that it is compatible with your existing bike light. While the front bicycle light requires a much larger bracket, the rear bicycle light only requires a small bracket for attachment to the seat post.

Even more safety: reflectors on clothing

In addition to the bicycle light, reflectors ensure even better visibility in road traffic and therefore greater safety. They are available in our shop as practical magnetic strips, for example, and can easily be placed around the trouser leg. Alternatively, we also offer waistcoats, jackets, knit caps and other cycling clothing with reflectors. You can order your new reflectors or clothing with reflectors directly from us online together with your new bike lights.

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