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Provisions for hiking: tips and a recipe

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Dried fruit, Landjäger sausages and cheese with bread are the classics. Here, our Transa employees tell you what hiking provisions they pack in their backpacks. There’s also a recipe for muesli bars that you can make yourself.

Hiking requires a lot of energy. Take plenty of water and other provisions to make sure you get to the summit in good spirits. Energy bars are great for this: they are not only delicious but also contain lots of valuable fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fibre thanks to the nuts, dried fruit or oat flakes. We stock many different varieties, but if you prefer to make them yourself, we’ll show you a simple recipe here.

Von oben: Thermoskanne offen, daneben ein Wienerli und ein Brötchen.

Just one of many ideas: a wiener sausage stays nice and warm in a Thermos bottle.

Photo © Dinah Brunner

In my backpack I always have …

Potato kebabs, cheese fondue or wieners in a Thermos flask, with a mix of energy drink and apple spritzer and salted gummy bears. Sounds strange? You can find all of this in the hiking backpacks of our outdoor professionals. Get inspired and bring some variety to your food container.

Equipment for outdoor cooking

  • #Cooking

  • #Hiking

  • #Trekking

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