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How to get your feet ready for hiking

Eine junge Frau sitzt an einem Bergsee und zieht ihre Wanderschuhe aus.
Sensorimotor technician
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Do your feet hurt when you’re hiking? Transa’s sensorimotor therapist Melina has tips on how to get your feet ready and, most importantly, how to get them back into shape.

You’ve planned your hike and sorted your backpack – but are your feet ready to go too? The right hiking boots are important of course, but having good soles only does so much for your feet on a long hike – you need to prepare them properly for the task ahead. Sensorimotor therapist Melina explains exercises and provides tips for you to use before, during and after your hike. They will help you train your feet and aid recovery.

  • Eine Frau geht durch Wiese mit Barfussschuhen.

    Swapping your boots for barefoot shoes for a while will revive flagging feet.

    Photo © Dominik Véron
  • Nahaufnahme eines Fusses, der über eine Faszienrolle gerollt wird.

    Blackroll foam roller, tennis ball or a drinking bottle: use these to stretch your fascia and muscles.

    Photo © Ruedi Thomi
  • Eine Frau hält ihren Fuss und dehnt ihn.

    Stretching your feet and loosening and stretching your muscles helps your feet to recover.

    Photo © Dominik Véron
A woman examines a foot by hand.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi

Reaching the summit pain free

Got unexplained pain? Foot deformities such as bunions? Make the most of our obligation-free offer and have your feet, knees, hips and gait professionally examined. Our orthopaedics team has the right solution for a range of complaints.

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