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How to pick the right tent for camping, hiking and cycling tours

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Sales Consultant, Transa store Europaallee Zurich
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Dome tents, tunnel tents or geodesic tents: what’s the difference? Which is best for families or for outdoor adventures? And what exactly is a water column? Sales advisor Tom offers an overview in this video. 

Spending the night al fresco is often the cherry on the cake of a wonderful outdoor adventure. The best tent for your trip depends on the weather and the number of people in your party. An ultra-light tent might be the right pick for your cycling trip, while a family tent might be the perfect option for adventures with you and your children. 

Every type of tent has particular properties that make it well-suited for different activities. Here’s a brief overview.

The right tent for your group size and specific adventure

Camping in summer and winter

Think about when you’ll normally be using your tent. If you like to go camping in summer, make sure there are air vents to let fresh air in. Similarly, the tent needs to have insect nets so you won’t be bothered by bugs while you’re sleeping. If you prefer to go camping in winter, your home away from home needs to be fully sealable all the way round to keep the heat in.

Buying a tent: a simple guide to the differences

In the video, sales advisor Tom offers a precise description of the features of various tents. Plus, you’ll learn what a water column is.

Transa tent days

You’re better off not buying your tent unseen: Transa tent days will once again be taking place at six locations this year, giving you the perfect chance to put our range of over 60 tents to the test.

  • #Camping

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