Rotes Hillebergzelt mit einer Frau auf grüner Wiese am Meer in Irland.


Transa tent days

Buying a tent unseen? Maybe hold off on that – the Transa tent days in Bern, Lucerne and Zurich offer you the perfect opportunity to discover our range of over 60 tents directly on site.

From large expedition tents to tiny pegs, you can put our camping equipment to the test outdoors in real conditions. Looking to buy a spacious tent for travelling with the whole family, or a specific four-season or winter tent? Prefer tunnel or dome-style? Our team, the outdoor pros, will give you expert advice on every model and set it up together with you.

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive practical tips that will help you find the right tent and accessories to go with it for your next adventure. Then head to our cosy chill-out lounge to relax and ponder over everything you saw. You’ll get 10% off all the tents in each of our stores while the tent days are running – regardless of where the tent days are taking place on the date in question.

Benefit from personal advice: make an appointment by signing up for a specific time slot in your city. Even if you don’t have an appointment, we’d be delighted to see you there and more than happy to advise you.

«Looking for a tent for your next camping holiday, your upcoming bikepacking weekend, an extended cycling trip or a multi-day long-distance hike? We’d be happy to advise you on finding the perfect tent. Just come and see us!»
Porträtbild Stefan
Hardware purchaser, Zurich Office
  • Aufnahme vom Transa Event Zelttage: Viele Zelte stehen auf einer Wiese.

    At the camping days you can see many different tents set up ...

    Photo © Raphael Zeller
  • Jemand schliesst den Reissverschluss eines Zelts.

    ... test and ...

    Photo © Raphael Zeller
  • Zwei Personen liegen in einem Zelt.

    ... try it out.

    Photo © Raphael Zeller
  • Jemand schaut sich bei einem Zelt die Abspannleine an.

    We will be happy to help you find the right tent for you.

    Photo © Raphael Zeller

The exhibition takes place with SwissPiranha and swissclassic.

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