Bergkulisse, jemand fährt mit Tourenski den Hang hinunter.

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Five ski tours for beginners

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Ski Division Manager, Transa store Markthalle Bern
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You’d like to start ski touring, but don’t yet know exactly where there are good tours for beginners? Transa employee Thomas has put together five easy tours so that you can enjoy the winter on your skis away from the slopes.

Touring skis, skins, avalanche transceiver – of course you need the right equipment for ski touring. But having appropriate knowledge is just as important. A training course will explain the key issues regarding snow conditions and assessing them, equipment and weather. You don’t have to be a mountain guide or a professional skier to go touring by yourself.

Below we present five easy tours that are also suitable for beginners so that you can safely familiarise yourself with your equipment and apply your avalanche knowledge. It’s also worth attending regular courses and training.

Drei Personen beim Skitouren.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi

Bürgle in Gantrisch

The tour towards the Morgete Pass starts at the lower Gantrisch Hut from where you have several options for a descent. If you’re a newbie, it’s easiest if you go down the mountain from where you trudged up.

A ski tourer on the descent.
Photo © Jonas Jäggy

Ahorn near Einsiedeln 

Unfortunately, there’s often not enough snow here for a rapid descent. But if it has snowed into the lowlands, the Ahorn above Trachslau is worth a try. It’s best to get up early for this. If you like, you can climb and descend several times throughout the valley as far as Brunni. Please pay attention to the wildlife protection areas.

Berglandschaft vom Fanenstock aus im Glarnerland.
Photo © Jonas Jäggy

Fanenstock near Elm

The Fanenstock is a classic and, like the other tours, easily accessible by public transport. You can often climb here in early winter. Good visibility is important on the way to the summit. Otherwise, you can quickly end up in a pit east of the ascent route. You can also climb the Färispitz for an extended day tour.

Verschneite Berglandschaft mit einer Skitourenspur.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi

Mutteristock and Redertengrad

This ski tour is located at the very end of the Wägital valley, but is easily accessible and therefore popular. There are great views from the summit of the Mutteristock. You can also take a detour to the Redertengrat, but be careful: make sure that the karstic terrain is well covered in snow or you’ll scratch your skis. Fortunately, the area is one of the snowiest in the region.

Sonnige und verschneite Winterlandschaft mit Tiefschnee und wenige Skispuren
Photo © Jonas Jäggy

Fürstein and Rickhubel

The region between the Glaubeberg Pass and Sörenberg is a real highlight in early to mid-winter if there’s enough snow at medium altitudes. Take the post bus to Glaubeberg and, from there, walk over the Rickhubel and the Fürstein through picturesque landscapes. If you don’t mind skinning up several times, you will be rewarded with a short ski safari.

Important: safety on ski tours

Ski touring is wonderful as long as you have the right knowledge, training and the necessary caution. You should definitely complete a course before you set off on your first ski tour alone, for example with our partner Höhenfieber mountaineering school. You can also book a tour with a mountain guide. We also recommend that you continually refresh and expand your knowledge.

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