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Stylish and protected: Your ski helmets from Transa

When skiing, safety comes first and you naturally want to look stylish too. Buy your favourite helmet now from Transa. Each helmet is equipped with modern technology to ensure maximum protection. It also impresses with its aesthetic design. The robust outer shell withstands strong impacts, while the soft inner padding ensures comfort. Ventilation openings ensure optimum air circulation and prevent overheating. A ski helmets not only keeps you safe, but also makes a fashion statement on the slopes. Order conveniently online in our shop now.

The different types of ski helmets

There are many different types of ski helmets, which differ in terms of design, functions and safety features. Full-shell helmets offer comprehensive protection and are the most common on the slopes. Half-shell helmets offer less protection but allow for good ventilation and are lighter. There are also modular ski helmets that are a combination of full and half-shell helmets, with a removable chin guard. Some ski helmets have additional features clothing such as integrated ski goggles, audio systems and adjustable ventilation systems. It is important that you choose a helmet that fits well and meets your individual needs.

Ski helmets with MIPS head protection system

Ski helmets with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) offer increased protection when skiing. They absorb and distribute the energy of oblique impacts more effectively, thereby reducing the risk of brain injuries. MIPS helmets have an inner layer that can move independently of the outer shell. This reduces the rotational movement that is transmitted to the brain. The design of these helmets also takes comfort and style into account, with many different models and colours to choose from. When buying a ski helmets, check that it meets safety standards and that it fits properly. MIPS ski helmets are a smart investment in your safety on the slopes.

Which ski helmet if you wear glasses:

If you wear glasses: choosing the right ski helmet is of great importance. You should look for a helmet that is specifically designed to be worn with glasses to ensure optimum comfort and safety. These helmets often have cut-outs in the padding to create space for the temples and avoid pressure points. You should also ensure good ventilation to prevent the glasses from misting up. Some models have an integrated visor, which is an alternative to conventional ski goggles. Ultimately, the choice of helmet depends on your personal preferences and needs. It is advisable to try out different models to find the best fit.

Advantages and disadvantages of ski helmets with a visor

Ski helmets with a visor offer several advantages. They offer a clear view and protect your eyes from wind and snow. They are also practical, as you don't need separate ski goggles. They also offer improved protection for your face.

But there are also disadvantages. Some models can restrict your vision, especially in the peripheral areas. They can also be more expensive than conventional ski helmets. Visors can cause glare in strong sunlight. Ultimately, the decision for or against a ski helmets with a visor depends on your requirements.

Care and maintenance of your ski helmets

Care and maintenance of your ski helmets is essential for your safety on the slopes. Clean the helmet after each use with a mild detergent and a soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents or solvents as these can damage the material of the helmet. Check regularly for cracks or damage and replace the helmet if any are found. Store the helmet in a cool, dry place to increase its longevity. Remember that ski helmets should generally be replaced every five years to ensure maximum safety.

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