Cycling socks

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Cycling socks - the inconspicuous helpers

Whether you're an after-work cyclist or a professional cyclist, every cyclist should have cycling socks - after all, your feet play a crucial role when cycling. With functional cycling socks, you can easily pedal up any incline and later ride downhill again without getting your feet wet and sweaty.

What cycling socks need to be able to do?

Like any other sports socks, cycling socks need to be functional and offer you pleasant climate comfort. That's why cycling socks should definitely:

  • be breathable
  • have a very good fit
  • have additional reinforcement or padding in stressed zones in the pedals and heel area so that no pressure points or blisters can occur
  • have good moisture transport, i.e. wick moisture away quickly
  • be as fast-drying as possible
  • have cooling properties in summer and warming properties in winter

Cycling socks for every season

If you really love cycling, you'll be out and about in both summer and winter. But every season places special demands on something as supposedly simple as cycling socks. In winter, cyclists therefore reach for socks that are breathable and warm. One material that has very good warming properties is the so-called Thermolite fabric.

In the summer months, on the other hand, when temperatures rise again, cyclists prefer elastic, breathable, relatively thin and, above all, cooling socks. Materials with the so-called Coolmax function have all these functions and also conduct moisture away from the foot to the outside in a very fix way. This is worth its weight in gold, because nobody wants to stand in their cycling shoes with socks that are soaking wet.

Fully on trend: the compression sock

The compression sock is already an institution in running. Among cycling socks, however, they have yet to make a name for themselves. What can these compression socks do? Made from very elastic, close-fitting material, they exert constant pressure on your tissue. This is intended to stimulate blood circulation and muscle contraction in this area. Many athletes swear by this positive effect. Compression socks are usually cut slightly higher than conventional cycling socks and should actually be called knee socks.

From merino to neoprene

In addition to compression socks with their positive effects on your muscles and cardiovascular system, there are other special features in the cycling socks category:

The naturally good bike sock made from merino wool

For example, there is the bike sock made from merino wool or at least with merino wool content in the fabric. Merino wool is naturally breathable, transports moisture well and reduces odours. Merino wool can be found in cycling socks for winter and summer, as merino wool has very good climate regulation properties. In winter, the wool warms, in summer it has a cooling effect.

The waterproof neoprene sock for all wet conditions

Mountain bikers or cyclists who don't shy away from bad weather will also find waterproof neoprene socks a favourite. If you don't want to ride around every puddle and muddy hole, these cycling socks are clearly a very good option. But neoprene is not the only fabric of choice for waterproof socks. Socks made from merino wool or other materials are also equipped with windproof and waterproof membranes by various manufacturers. These socks also allow you to enjoy cycling on muddy trails and in the rain without getting your feet wet.

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