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Cycling underwear

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Bike thermal underwear: great climate directly on the skin

Functional and, above all, breathable underwear should always be worn by athletes during training and competitions. In the sport of cycling, bike briefs are particularly important. This is where the question often arises:

When does my thermal underwear for cycling need a seat pad?

The answer to this is differentiated: If your bike trousers don't have an integrated seat pad, for example, then you should wear functional bike underwear with a seat pad. The same applies to mountain bikers, who wear padded inner shorts under their loose-fitting mountain bike trousers. These are bike briefs with integrated seat pads. These inner shorts are sometimes supplied with the casual bike trousers. They can be worn not only under mountain bike trousers, but also on their own as tights. Freeriders, downhillers and all-mountain bikers love this layered style.

The tight-fitting look, on the other hand, is more suited to road cyclists. At most, they wear thin bike briefs without padding underneath the slim tights with integrated seat pad for hygiene reasons. However, many athletes do without briefs in order to avoid unnecessary seam friction points.

The bike vest: what do bikers wear next to their skin?

The bike vest should also be in every cyclist's wardrobe. In summer, a sleeveless top or short sleeve vest will do the trick. In winter, you can opt for a warm long-sleeved vest. In any case, not only the vest, but bike thermal underwear in general should have the following functions:

  • Bike thermal underwear should be breathable.
  • In addition, it should offer you good moisture transport, i.e. moisture is quickly wicked away from the body.This means that moisture is quickly wicked away from the body and can dry on the outside of the functional underwear.
  • As a general rule, cycling underwear should be close-fitting, i.e. close to the body. You could also call them the rider's second skin. This is the only way the material can achieve its full functionality.

It's all about the material

Manufacturers generally use synthetic fibres such as polyester to produce thermal underwear. It is breathable, fast-drying, hard-wearing and easy-care at the same time. In other words, it is ideal for activities involving high physical exertion. The natural fibre merino wool is becoming increasingly important in the area of thermal underwear for biking.

Merino wool is naturally equipped with all the properties that synthetic fibres also possess. Merino wool is also anti-odour, warms in the cold and cools in the heat, is soft and easy to care for. Functional underwear made from merino wool or with merino wool content is therefore particularly suitable for multi-day tours where the washing machine is not always available. Merino wool is also extremely light, so it hardly weighs a thing in your backpack.

Bike thermal underwear at Transa

Transa offers you a wide range of functional bike underwear. From short, tight-fitting and padded tights to windstopper briefs for cold days. As a base layer in the upper body area, there is everything from a fresh and functional summer top to a warming long-sleeved undershirt with anti-odour merino wool content.

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