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Bike trailers: transporting valuable cargo safely through everyday life

In city centres straight away, many people are giving up their cars for environmental reasons and switching to bikes instead. But how do you get your children safely to their destination by bike? Some swear by the bike seat, others opt for a bike trailer. Depending on the model, there is room for one or two kids in the bike trailer, and even the smallest ones can go on tour with you thanks to the integrated baby seat. Alternatively, you can of course also transport your dog or simply luggage in a trailer, for example your overnight equipment if you are travelling by bike for several days. To ensure a successful bike tour with a bike trailer, cycling safety is of course the top priority. Transa offers various models in its range, as well as child seats and all the necessary fastening accessories.


Bike trailers: cycling safety first

With a bike trailer, you are even more flexible when cycling. Whether luggage, dogs or kids - the bicycle trailers must fulfil certain criteria to ensure a high level of safety.

You can recognise a good bicycle trailer by the following features:

  • It is very robust and well made.
  • It is available in different versions so that you can choose it to suit your needs and the goods you plan to transport (luggage, pets or kids).
  • The weight of the bike trailer should not be too high so that you can pull or push it with relatively little effort.
  • A good coupling is the be-all and end-all when it comes to cycling safety and comfort on the road. Trailers with a quick-release system are very quick and easy to attach and detach.
  • The suspension is pleasantly soft, ensuring a comfortable ride in the trailer and protecting the child's spine even on uneven underground surfaces.
  • It also has very good, profiled tyres - so that you don't slip even on wet or slippery roads.
  • Things such as an integrated brake system, a parking brake, a roll cage and an adjustable 5-point harness system also increase the safety of your precious cargo.
  • Reflectors or lights on the bike trailer increase your safety on the road.
  • An additional rain cover ensures optimum protection against moisture and a sun visor provides sufficient uv protection, while a footmuff inside keeps your kids warm.

Flexible and cosy

Some bike trailers can easily be converted into joggers. You can then go for a jog around the block with your little one immediately after your bike ride and a short conversion. Alternatively, you can simply use a bike trailer like a pushchair. In some bike trailer models, you can also integrate an extra seat, for example a baby carrier or a baby seat. In this way, even the very youngest children can be transported well protected with the bike trailer. And unlike in a bike seat, for example, your little one can also take a comfortable nap lying down in the bike trailer while travelling.

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