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Fenders & mudguards: no chance for dirt and water splashes

Do you love fast-paced bike tours even in bad weather or off the beaten track? Then you can't avoid good fenders & mudguards if you want to prevent your clothes from getting splashed with water or mud in a short space of time. While without a mudguard, all the mud would spill up high at the back, a good mudguard keeps out the worst of the dirt while riding and your clothes are spared the worst.

Fenders & mudguards are available in many sizes, shapes and colours, so you can choose the ideal model for splash protection to suit your wheel size. Transa also has a wide range of fenders & mudguards on offer, such as front wheel mudguards and rear wheel mudguards. Practical trouser snap straps are also available in this category, which also protect your trouser legs from dirt.

Mudguards: robust, light and safe

To ensure that a mudguard lasts a long time and protects you safely from moisture and pollution, it must fulfil various requirements.

You can recognise a good mudguard by the following features:

  • It can be attached to the bike quickly and easily. With many models, you don't even need tools for installation.
  • Depending on the mudguard model, it can be attached by hooking, clipping or screwing on. It is also sometimes possible to mount them with simple cable ties.
  • The material (e.g. plastic) is light, weatherproof, robust and effectively protects you from splashes of dirt and water.
  • The fenders & mudguards and their width should depend on the routes, weather and how often you are out and about. The thicker your tyres are, the wider the mudguards should be so that dirt and water splashes don't end up on your clothes.
  • Moreover, mudguards are available in numerous sizes so that you can choose the exact pair that fits your wheel size.
  • Mudguards are easy to clean. The quickest way to do this is with a damp cloth and some bike cleaner.

Fenders to plug in or mount

Depending on the type of bike you ride, we recommend using a different mudguard. Mountain bikers and road cyclists who like to travel light are happy to do without a fenders & mudguards. City bikers, however, will swear by their fenders & mudguards, because who wants to ride around town with mud splattered on their bum.

Do you want your bike to look particularly cool and are you perhaps only travelling in dry weather? Even then, you don't necessarily need a fenders & mudguards. However, you shouldn't do without it for demanding rides and tours through the rain. Straight on tours lasting several days, the weather can change quickly and only fenders & mudguards can reliably prevent your trouser legs from getting wet.

Mountain bikers who like to ride with or without mudguards are ideal for you. No need for cumbersome mounting. You can stow these clip-on models in your bike backpack when not in use and attach them to your bike when you need them - and off you go into the mud pit.

Reliable fenders & mudguards at Transa

Here at Transa, you will find different fender variants for every type of bike. For example, the front wheel mudguard suitable for all wheel sizes and bikes, the flexible plastic mudguard for clamping to the saddle, the flexible rear wheel mudguard for attaching to the seat post or the light front wheel mudguard for clamping in place.

Reliable mudguards from Transa.
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