Bicycle Pedals

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Pedals: secure grip for every riding style

Whether you're riding a racing bike at high speed or taking a leisurely ride on your city bike - stable and secure pedals are essential. Pedals give your feet a firm grip while riding and ensure that you can't slip off the pedals easily, even in wet and cold conditions. Good bike pedals also ensure that the power from your legs is properly converted.


Bike pedals for road cyclists and city bikers

From road cyclists to enduro bikers - everyone has different pedal requirements. Sporty road cyclists often ride road bike pedals with cleats, so-called clipless pedals into which the shoes can be clicked. These pedals are clearly ahead in terms of power transmission. The most common pedals with a click system include SPD pedals.

Some road cyclists also prefer so-called platform pedals, which have a click mechanism on one side and not on the other. This means that the pedals can also be used with normal road shoes.

Many city or trekking bikes are also equipped with platform pedals. This allows the cyclist to remain flexible and can either click in sportily or cruise into the city with chilled-out road shoes.

Velo pedals for mountain bikers and enduro bike riders

Mountain bikers mainly use these three types of pedals:

Click pedals: These are ideal for cross-country riders and are often used in mountain bike racing.

Click pedals with a wide contact surface: These pedals offer a little more safety if, for example, you don't manage to click back into the pedals quickly enough during a race.

Flat pedals: These are very wide, flat pedals with pins and decent grip, which are usually combined with special flat pedal shoes.

The pedals should be light and robust

You can recognise good pedals by the following features:

  • They are light.
  • The pedals offer you optimum grip in all weathers. Thanks to non-slip materials and special studs or pins, slipping is reliably prevented. The width of the pedals also ensures a secure footing on the pedals.
  • The materials (e.g. aluminium, steel, plastic) are very robust and can withstand very high loads at all times.
  • You can easily mount or dismount them in just a few simple steps.
  • Reflectors attached to the pedals further increase visibility in road traffic.
  • The pedals are also completely sealed so that no water can penetrate the pedals and damage the material or cause it to rust.
  • Maintenance of the pedals is simple and can be carried out without specialist knowledge.

High-quality pedals and various pedal accessories at Transa

At Transa, we offer various pedal variants for your bike. For example, combi pedals with click binding and a wide contact surface, city pedals with click binding on one side and a platform on the other, light dirt and freeride pedals, as well as robust flat pedals with pins and mountain bike pedals with an expandable footprint.

You can also find replacement pins for your flat pedals as well as pedal cleats for mountain bikes with side exit and pedal cleats for mountain bikes with multiple exits in our shop. Finally, matching cleats as well as height-adjustable washers and pins for aluminium platform pedals complete the range of bike equipment in the Transa online shop.

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