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The correct pressure on the tyres of a bike not only ensures greater riding comfort but also reduces the effort required and lowers the risk of punctures. That's why a bicycle pumps is part of the basic equipment of every hobby biker or sporty, ambitious cyclist. You can find the right pump and practical accessories for every type of bike in our online shop. Our selection ranges from inexpensive hand pumps to modern tubeless pumps. Choose a new pump for your bike from us now and you will receive your delivery directly to your home in just a few days.

V bicycle pumps for every tyres and area of use

When choosing a pump for your bike, it is important to take a close look at the power of the model. Road bike riders in particular need a pump with sufficient power due to the high tyre pressure. The pump you choose should also match the valve head of your tyres. These can be equipped with a Sclaverand valve, a Schrader valve or a Dunlop valve. We also offer practical adapters for all of these valve heads so that you can use any bicycle pump for your bike.

The sturdy floor pump for at home

The classic floor pump is ideal for checking the tyre pressure and pumping up new air in the basement at home before your next tour. It is particularly easy to use and brings the desired pressure to the bike tyres within a short time. There are two different types: Models for operation by hand and models for operation with the foot. Ergonomically shaped handles and non-slip materials on the handles or foot pedal ensure greater safety and increase ease of use. Another practical feature of such bicycle pumps is the integrated pressure gauge. It shows how many bars are currently in the tyres during inflation. This prevents you from inflating too much or too little air. Incidentally, such floor pumps can also be used to inflate air mattresses, paddling pools, balls and other objects quickly and easily.

The mini pump for on the go

Your bike tyres can also lose pressure during a tour. To make sure you don't run out of air on the road, we have practical hand pumps in a small format in our range. These can be attached directly to the frame with a special bracket or stowed in a small pannier. Even more practical are mini pumps that also have an integrated storage space. They can be used to safely transport small tools for puncture repairs while travelling. This means you always have the mini bicycle pump and your most important tools with you and can quickly re-inflate your bike's tyres in an emergency. If you want to carry as little weight as possible on your tours, you should opt for a mini pump made of light carbon fibre. Their low weight is ideal for use on a road bike. However, these small hand pumps require a little muscle power to generate the desired tyre pressure, straight on road bikes with high tyre pressure.

Practical accessories and special pumps in our range

In addition to the classic bicycle pumps, we also stock other models for special requirements in the transa online shop. Tubeless tyres are becoming increasingly popular for both road bikes and mountain bikes. However, this tubeless form of tyres for your bike also requires a special tubeless pump to inflate the tyre quickly. To save muscle power when inflating bike tyres, we also offer practical cartridge pumps for CO2 cartridges online. These deflate automatically when inserted and thus bring pressure to the tyres within a short time. However, it is important to ensure that the CO2 cartridges are suitable for your tyres and the required pressure. In the accessories section, we offer tube adapters, angle pieces and pump heads for CO2 cartridges, among other things. We offer bike pumps from well-known manufacturers such as Lezyne, Topeak, OneUp, Spezialiced and others. Choose the new pump for your bike online now!

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