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Cycling helmet: more safety on the bike

If you regularly cycle, you need the right cycling accessories, including a good cycling helmet. It protects your head from serious injuries in the event of a fall, which could have serious consequences without a helmet. Whether mountain bike helmets, racing bike helmets, city helmets or kids' cycling helmets - here at Transa you will find numerous variants for every type of biking. So you can choose exactly the model that best suits the requirements of your activities. And of course we have cycling helmets for women and men in various sizes, but we also have models for kids in our Transa online shop range.

Mountain bike helmets - for active cycling

Do you love demanding routes on your mountain bike? Preferably across country through forests and mountains? A cycling helmets that is specially designed to meet the requirements of mountain biking offers you optimum protection against injury. A flip-down visor protects your eyes from dirt, branches and other obstacles when you're off the beaten track. Extra impact protection is also important for real mountain bikers to prevent worse in the event of a fall.

Racy tours with a racing bike helmet

If high speeds and travelling long lengths are part of your cycling goals, a real racing bike is definitely the right choice for you. High speeds and distances that sometimes have to be shared with cars and other road users significantly increase the risk of accidents. That's why you should prioritise maximum safety when choosing a helmet, which only a real racing cycling helmets can offer. The aerodynamic design for the lowest possible air resistance, low weight and extra impact protection also characterise these helmets.

City helmets - for leisurely rides

Do you prefer leisurely bike rides, exploring the area, visiting a stand or the daily commute to work? A city bike including a comfortable city helmets is ideal for this. City helmets are not only practical, they also protect you from injury in the event of a fall. To be seen better in traffic, you can choose a model that has reflectors or an LED light on the helmet.

Kids' cycling helmets for all ages

Even the youngest riders need to be perfectly protected when cycling. After all, kids don't yet ride as long or as safely as adults. What's more, they often don't know the traffic rules perfectly yet. Here at Transa, you will therefore find numerous different kids' cycling helmets that impress with their child-friendly design and high protection factor.

Don't forget the right helmet accessories

To increase comfort, all cycling helmets have comfortable padding inside so that the helmet rests softly on the head and doesn't pinch. If these pads are worn or lost, they can be replaced quickly in the form of replacement pads. These pads are available for many different types of helmet. You can also find other helmet accessories such as rain covers or sunshade visors at Transa.

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