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Bike tools: for small and large repairs

A bike always needs to be well looked after. This also includes small repairs, such as the replacement of wearing parts, but also the repair of larger defects. To do this, you need the right bike tools, which are available in many variants for a wide range of purposes.

Here at Transa, you will also find a variety of suitable bike tools that are a useful addition to your bike equipment. For example, the chain rivet pusher, spoke tensioner, pedal spanner, multi-tools or tool tools, torque spanner or cable cutters - but also complete tool sets for at home if you would like to repair your bike yourself.


Bike tools: robust, practical and versatile

Workshop repairs can be quite expensive in the long run. With good bike tools and a little manual skill, you can carry out most repairs yourself - whether it's a quick bike repair on the go or maintenance in the home workshop. With good tools like the ones you can find here in the Transa online shop, nothing can go wrong.

Bike tools for the road: the practical breakdown helpers

On bike tours, the odd minor breakdown can bring your tour to an abrupt halt. It's smart to have good bike tools on board. Versatile multi-function tools, preferably in a compact set, are best suited for this. And these mini tools should fulfil the following features:

  • Tools for the saddle bag should be light and not add too much to the overall weight of your bike.
  • Bike tools for travelling should also be compact and handy so that you can stow them in your saddle bag, for example, to save space.
  • A multi-tool should definitely have tools on board for repairs to the chain, brakes or pedals.
  • Some models have useful extras such as a bottle opener - in case the drinking bottle on your bike runs out faster than expected.
  • Waterproof tools, for example in a neoprene bag, are also practical.
  • Some models can also be attached to several parts of your bike using carrying straps. Alternatively, there are also bike tools that can be stowed particularly inconspicuously in the steerer tube.

Bike tools for at home: carry out maintenance and minor repairs yourself

Small repairs can be easily carried out at home by experienced mechanics. Provided they have the right bike tools in the box. Without a tyre lever, for example, it will be difficult to change a tyres. And without a suitable pedal spanner, fitting pedals in the home workshop simply won't work. And your bike tool kit should also include a chain rivet pusher or spoke tensioner.

High-quality bike tools from Transa

So it's clear. Do you want to carry out small and larger bike repairs yourself, both on the road and at home? Then the Transa online shop is the right place for you. Here you will find various bike tools for your saddle bag and toolbox. For example, the light multi-tool for cyclists and mountain bikers, the professional 35-piece tool set for at home, the tool for aligning disk brakes, the cable cutting pliers for the home bike workshop, the extra-long pedal spanner with ergonomic handle or the Allen key set with many common sizes.

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