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Child carrier: hiking with kids

For all those who want to continue to be active despite having small children but don't want to constantly push a pushchair, the child carrier, also known as a baby carrier, Kraxe or child carrier backpack, is ideal.

A child carrier is designed to carry children on the back of their parents. It has a strong resemblance to a backpack, in which a comfortable seat for kids up to around three years of age is integrated. Child and baby carriers are most suitable for kids who are not yet able or willing to walk long lengths. There are very simple carrier systems in which only the child is transported, but also real backpacks that can hold additional luggage for travelling.

Child carriers: light and comfortable

Baby/toddler carriers are suitable for babies from around six months if they have good head control, thanks to which they can easily compensate for movements in the baby carrier. Whether for hiking, going for a walk or other excursions - the child carrier is a perfect alternative to other transport options such as pushchairs or similar. The carrier is ideal if parents want to be as flexible as possible when travelling.

You can recognise good baby/toddler carriers by the following features:

  • The carrier should not weigh more than 20 kilograms, including luggage and kids, so that the tank top does not put too much strain on the back. The maximum permissible weight is specified by the manufacturer.
  • The outer material is water-repellent, the carrying system is very stable, good ventilation and functional. Its special shape supports ergonomic carrying on the back.
  • The child can be securely strapped in using padded, adjustable straps (e.g. 5-point safety harness).
  • The weight of the child and carrier is evenly distributed over the shoulders and hips via the back system. Integrated stiffeners (e.g. aluminium tubes) also distribute a large part of the weight of the carrier to the pelvis via a hip belt.
  • Padded back plates and waist and shoulder straps increase carrying comfort.
  • Adjustable straps and a chest strap optimise the fit of the Traxe.
  • The adjustable back system is practical and allows the baby carrier to be worn by several people.
  • Thanks to the stable base of the child carrier, it can be placed on the floor without falling over.
  • Many models have integrated hip belt bags in which small items or provisions can be stored for on the go.
  • A chin pad allows children to take a nap while being carried. A high edge on the child carrier also prevents the child's head from bending sideways while sleeping.
  • Foot straps ensure optimum support for the child's legs.
  • Some models have an integrated hydration pack.
  • A sun shield or rain cover protects the child from the sun and rain.

Take kids everywhere

With a baby/toddler carrier, you can take your child anywhere. Whether it's a city tour, a tour through the mountains or any other activity where you don't want to take a pushchair with you. Practical extras such as zipped compartments under the seat, rear view mirror, hydration bladder compartment, key clip or a sun shield with uv protection make transporting your little one absolutely comfortable. If the Kraxe is not needed, it can usually simply be folded up and stowed away to save space.

Beautiful models for excursions and more at Transa

Transa offers a wide range of modern baby/toddler carriers, so you are sure to find a suitable model for your child. For example, a comfortable child carrier with a well-ventilated back system and removable daypack or an extra-light child carrier with many adjustment options is perfect for long excursions.

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