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Bikes for kids: bikes, clothing and accessories

Do your kids like to accompany you on your bike tours? Even the little ones need a good bike and the right clothing to make the tour a success. They also need the right bike accessories, such as a helmet, to ensure greater safety in the event of a fall.

Boys' and girls' cycling clothing

The right cycling clothing is also an essential must-have for the youngest pedal devils. From short tights in a cheerful children's pattern to a floral cycling jersey for the bike princess, we have it all. Of course, the appropriate functional equipment in the material should not be missing and from breathable to good moisture transport, as well as wind and weather protection, are also and straight for the little ones essential.

Various bikes for kids

Most kids love cycling and start to take an interest in it at an early age. A boogie wheel is the perfect place to start, as kids still run with their legs but playfully train the movements that are so important for cycling. Balance is trained and getting on and off the bike and brakes can also be practised with boogie wheels.

From the age of three to four, the transition to a real bike can take place. Here, the smallest bikes start at 12 inches. This is followed by 14, 15, 18, 20 and 24 inches until the youngster can switch to an adults' bike. Depending on the size of the child and the length of their legs, there is always a suitable bike available.

Cycling helmets for kids

Safety is the be-all and end-all when your child takes to the roads on a boogie wheel or bike. This also applies if the kids are only travelling on pavements. After all, a fall on the head can result in serious injuries. A helmet is therefore an essential accessory for kids.

Helmets are of course available here at Transa in many cool designs and to suit the respective head size. Try on the helmet before you buy it to make sure it sits firmly on the head and won't slip off in the event of a fall. You can also drop by one of our various branches to do this. It is also important that a light knit caps can be worn under the helmet in winter to protect the ears from the cold.

Velo child seats

Your child is still too small for their own boogie wheel or bike? Then you can also take them safely on your bike in a child seat. Straight smaller kids can't manage long lengths on their own bike, so a child seat can be a good alternative for a bike ride with the whole family.

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