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Kids' sleeping accessories: so that the little ones sleep well on the go

Adequate sleep is important, especially for outdoor kids, because only a good night's sleep will ensure they are fresh and refreshed for their tour in the morning. However, the conditions are not always ideal for this, especially when travelling. Unfamiliar surroundings and different beds often mean that sleep is not quite the same as at home. With the right children's sleeping accessories, however, this is no longer a problem.

Children's sleeping accessories include numerous items, such as a sleeping bag for the baby (travel sleeping bag), a travel cot or travel cot, but also a neck pillow for the plane or train and the right child seat, in which babies and toddlers can also sleep well in the car.

Kids' sleeping accessories: comfortable and practical

Kids' sleeping accessories for travelling must meet the same requirements as sleeping accessories for at home. This is the only way for kids to sleep comfortably and safely, no matter where they are straight away.

You can therefore recognise good sleeping accessories for kids by the following features:

  • It is comfortable and supports your child's natural sleep.
  • High quality, good workmanship and sturdy seams ensure a long service life.
  • The material should be functional, i.e. as water-repellent as possible to prevent moisture from penetrating. It should also be breathable and dry quickly.
  • Specially for travelling, kids' sleeping accessories should weigh as little as possible on the luggage. This is why travel pillows, travel cots and similar items are often made from very light materials
  • Since spillages are particularly common when travelling, all covers for kids' sleeping accessories should be easy to clean in the washing machine
  • The materials are robust, tear-resistant and can withstand long periods of active use.
  • In the best case scenario, good children's accessories grow with the child, i.e. they can be adjusted to fit different body sizes.
  • The design of children's sleeping accessories is as child-friendly as possible so that the little ones can enjoy using them.

For optimum sleeping comfort when travelling

Parents should not go travelling without the right sleeping accessories for their children, as these will allow them to enjoy a restful night's sleep on the journey, as well as in the camping tents. Kids who regularly travel together as a group, for example to scout camps, often sleep in camping. Good camping equipment, including warm bedding, is essential to ensure that kids don't freeze and sleep as softly and comfortably as possible on the tent floor. A well-insulated sleeping bag is important for a comfortable overnight stay outdoors, as is a robust sleeping mat and a small travel pillow.

Kids' sleeping accessories at Transa

Here at Transa, you can find a wide range of sleeping accessories for your kids, such as a travel cot or camping mats, neck pillows, sleeping bags and child seats. The variety of models is huge, so you're sure to find the right product for your next holiday, for example the light children's travel sleeping bag made of cotton, the practical children's travel cot with self-inflating thermal mat, the self-inflating camping mat, sportive neck pillows, foldable fabric child seats or the children's travel sleeping bag made of warm fleece.

The Transa range offers a wide variety of sleeping accessories for your children.

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