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Kids sleeping bags: sleeping comfort for numerous outdoor activities

Whether camping, for a night in the garden or at a friend's house - a good sleeping bag for kids or adults offers protection and warmth for the night. Depending on the season, a winter sleeping bag or summer sleeping bag is suitable here, each with the appropriate isolation adapted to the expected night-time temperature.

For kids of all ages, you will find suitable sleeping bags in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so that every overnight stay is almost as comfortable as at home. From baby sleeping bags (e.g. the cosy and warm down sleeping bag for babies) to slightly larger sleeping bags for schoolchildren, you are sure to find the right model at Transa.

Kids sleeping bags: cosy and warm

No overnight stay outdoors without a kids sleeping bag - because it can get really cold outside at night. Most models of sleeping bags are designed to withstand cold temperatures and keep the body nice and warm.

You can recognise good kids sleeping bags by the following features:

  • It is relatively light and can be easily transported anywhere thanks to a weight of 640 to 1500 grams.
  • The sleeping bag protects the body from cooling down. Some models are only suitable for summer (summer sleeping bag), while others can withstand very low temperatures (winter sleeping bag).
  • Sturdy zips ensure that cold and moisture cannot penetrate at night. An additional cover strip protects against pinching.
  • The inner material (e.g. down, polyamide) is warming and breathable at the same time, so that kids don't start sweating in the sleeping bag.
  • The outer material is windproof and water-repellent to prevent moisture from penetrating inside.
  • Many models grow with the child, i.e. they can be adjusted several times to suit the body length thanks to the adjustable foot area with drawstring.
  • Depending on the model, the kids sleeping bag is also suitable as a simple duvet.
  • A packsack allows the sleeping bag to be transported in a space-saving manner.
  • Some models have a contoured hood, which also keeps the head nice and warm.
  • Some toddler models are equipped with a trolley fix system, which allows you to strap your child into the pushchair. Special activities ensure that the sleeping bag does not slip.
  • A kids sleeping bag should be easy to clean in the washing machine.

Sleep safely outdoors at any temperature

Whether it's a long tour with a pushchair or an overnight stay in a camping bag - there is a suitable kids sleeping bag for every age and every requirement that provides perfect protection against wind, moisture and cold. Depending on the outside temperature, you should choose the right sleeping bag model so that your kids neither sweat nor freeze. Thanks to the robust outer material, which is windproof, strong, water-repellent and robust in all kids sleeping bags, the body is optimally protected and a good night's sleep is possible even in colder temperatures. Kids sleeping bags are used, for example, on camping trips, when walking with a pushchair or on trekking tours and other outdoor activities in nature.

Sleeping bags for all ages at Transa

Whether baby sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag or summer sleeping bag - at Transa you will find the right kids sleeping bag. A down sleeping bag for babies is ideal if you are travelling with a pushchair. Transa's lighter insulated models are ideal for sleeping over at a friend's house. Thanks to their customisable adjustability, sleeping bags that grow with your child have the advantage that they can be used for many years to come.

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