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Sleep well outdoors: in a camp bed and on an outdoor bed


If you enjoy camping or travelling in the great outdoors, then a good night's sleep is important. What used to be a sleeping mat is now a camp bed. What was once the simple bed is now the outdoor lounger. These modern camping loungers are all much lighter and more comfortable than the models of previous generations.


Advantages of camp beds and outdoor loungers

  1. You lie comfortably and softly, no matter how hard, uneven or stony the underground is
  2. cooling air can circulate underneath you, which is very pleasant in hot areas
  3. you can increase the comfort of your camp bed and outdoor bed with an additional mattress topper

What makes a camp bed different from an outdoor bed?

A camp bed is primarily intended for sleeping comfortably on a campsite, in a tents or simply outdoors. Many camp beds are so light and cleverly foldable that they are in no way inferior to a conventional sleeping mat in terms of size and weight.

An outdoor bed is intended more for the garden, balcony or beach and can often be folded, but not formed into a roll. It is not made for hiking and expeditions, but as a bed for relaxing outdoors it is more comfortable than a camp bed.

The most important features clothing of a camp bed

In the past, a camp bed was made of heavy wood and covered with hard fabric. Such a bed is out of the question for transport, it is far too heavy and unwieldy. Today, camp beds are made of light but strong aluminium tubes. The strut construction can be folded up and set up again in a matter of seconds. There are camp beds that are so solidly built that they are suitable as permanent furnishings for holiday camps or long holidays. Even bunk beds can be set up with certain camp beds.

As a camp bed is always slightly raised, it can also be used as a seat or storage space during the day. Depending on the construction, the lying height can range from a few centimetres above the ground to half a metre. The higher the frame, the more material and weight are added to the books. A camp bed that goes on an expedition should therefore preferably have short feet. However, if the camp bed stays in the camping tents for a long length of time and is transported by motorhome or car, it may be the more comfortable option with longer legs.

What other features characterise the camp bed?
  • Light and stable construction
  • Easy handling
  • Small packing size
  • Practical accessory bags

If you opt for a camp bed or outdoor bed, you can enjoy the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature in all peace and quiet.

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