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The camping table

A camping table is indispensable for a comfortable and cosy camping holiday. The camping table is not just a place to eat, but also a place to prepare meals, play games or socialise. This camping accessory is in use throughout the open-air season, not just on the campsite, but also in the garden, in the park or on the beach.

What you should look out for in your camping table


The size

If you are camping as a couple, a small table is sufficient. This has the advantage that you don't have to carry as much weight. For four people or more, the table size must grow with you. In any case, a camping table can be folded flat so that it can be transported to save space.


Outdoors, the underground is rarely as level as indoors. Therefore, pay attention to the stability of the frame. Every camper knows from experience that different rules apply outdoors than indoors. A ball can come flying in and cause the table to sway. There are very different frames, some of which can be folded out like brackets. There are also tables with four fold-out legs. Length-adjustable legs are particularly helpful. This is essential on uneven terrain and guarantees maximum stability.

The weight

The choice is huge! There are super-lightweight, foldable and flexible models made of aluminium and textile, as well as heavy models made of metal, wood or plastic. An extremely lightweight model weighs a straight 2 kg, while a camping table weighing 16 kg promises rock-solid stability. Another decisive factor is what you will be using to transport the camping table. You are more likely to be able to transport a heavyweight in a motorhome than in a car.

The easy-care camping table

On holiday, there is no time for time-consuming furniture maintenance. That's why camping tables are generally made from easy-care materials. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plastic is light and inexpensive to manufacture. A plastic surface can be cleaned in no time at all. However, plastic becomes brittle in the sun and bleaches out easily. The low UV resistance is one of the biggest disadvantages of plastic. If a leg, a bracket or the table top itself is broken, this material can no longer be repaired. Plastic is also no longer so popular for ecological reasons.
  • Bamboo is the newcomer among building materials, it is a renewable raw material and is extremely stable, elastic and weather-resistant. A bamboo table top looks natural and unusual. In combination with an aluminium frame, it creates a beautiful look.
  • Aluminium offers three advantages: It is very light, yet stable and retains its matt silver finish for many years. The disadvantage is that aluminium heats up strongly in the sun. With aluminium table surfaces, this can be uncomfortable during meals.
  • Wood is suitable for the table surface at best. If the frame were also made of wood, the model would be too heavy. A wooden surface always looks very natural and feels pleasant to the touch. However, you have to accept the higher weight.

Special features

A camping table can offer many other uses and special features. Some tables have a mesh shelf incorporated under the tabletop, which can be used as a second level of storage space.

With height-adjustable telescopic legs, the model adapts to the size of its user or use.

Outside of the camping season, it can be used as a side table at parties or as a gift table.

After the camping season, it can be used as a side table at parties or as a gift table.

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