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Hiking poles: get you safely over hill and dale

Do you love Nordic walking or hiking through forests and over mountains? Then you need the right equipment to keep you safe at all times. Depending on the weather, you can easily slip, especially on uneven underground. And if you have to cover a lot of metres in altitude, an extra aid would certainly be a good support alongside good footwear. There are special hiking poles for these purposes, which will help you make faster and safer progress on your tour.

Hiking poles are available in many different versions: for example, Nordic walking poles (walking poles), trekking poles, folding poles or touring poles. All have the common purpose of giving you the necessary grip on the ground when hiking, trekking or walking and also to help you move forward quickly. At Transa, you will find a wide range of hiking poles for women and men so that you can choose exactly the right model for every purpose. Spare parts, which are required for regular use of the poles, are also available from Transa.


Hiking poles: robust, light and practical

With hiking poles, you can get out and about even faster and more safely. To make sure you really succeed, you can recognise good hiking poles by the following features:

  • They are very light and hardly weigh down your luggage.
  • They can be easily attached to your backpack. Many models can be folded or pushed together in no time at all.
  • The material (e.g. carbon, aluminium) is very robust and can withstand very high loads.
  • Many hiking poles can be individually adjusted in length so that you can choose the model that suits your body size.
  • Reinforced ends, e.g. with titanium, prevent premature wear.
  • The handles are ergonomically shaped, comfortably padded and fit perfectly in your hand. Some handles can even be adjusted in length or are specially designed for the needs of women's or men's hands.
  • A non-slip coating ensures that the hiking poles never slip out of your hands when you're out and about.
  • Additional adjustable safety loops ensure that the poles stay on your wrists even if they do slip out of your hand.
  • The loop material is as breathable as possible and dries quickly.
  • Adjusting the pole length is light, even when wearing gloves.
  • The pole tips are interchangeable, so they can be regularly replaced with new ones.
  • Rubber dampers not only dampen vibrations on hard underground surfaces, but also the noise generated when using the hiking poles.

Who are hiking poles actually recommended for?

Basically for anyone who wants to make more effective progress or protect themselves against slipping while out and about. Nordic walkers in particular are rarely seen without poles, as the focus here is not only on sure-footedness but also on movement. When Nordic walking, you also use your arm muscles effectively thanks to the poles. When trekking or hiking, on the other hand, the poles are not in constant activity. In this case, it is practical if they are foldable and can therefore be stored in your luggage to save space when not in use.

Hiking poles at Transa

At Transa you will find various poles that you can use for hiking, trekking or walking. For example, the light, length-adjustable folding poles, the versatile trekking poles with a clamping mechanism, the variable-length aluminium folding poles, the sturdy three-segment poles or the foldable carbon poles. In our accessories department, you will also find snow plates, replacement rubber bumpers and replacement tips, various adapters and a robust tip protector.

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