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Ski boots: rock the slopes

The most important thing about ski boots is the fit. There is a widespread misconception that you can somehow get any ski boots to fit with buckles. However, this is not the case. You should take your time and test your new ski boots to see if they really fit your feet. If you still feel comfortable in them after half an hour, then you've found the right ones.

Almost all ski boots now offer the option of adjusting the inner shoe to fit your foot exactly. The names are all different, but the method is almost always the same: thermoforming ensures a customised fit.

Ski boots - from comfort to freeride

Now it's time to choose the right ski boots. One thing is crucial here: are you more of a beginner or do you belong to the piste racer group? Or are you a connoisseur and prefer the blue and red slopes? A freestyle skier needs different ski boots than a touring skier. And fortunately, there are also ski boots suitable for the more delicate and narrower ladies' feet.

You can recognise good ski boots for different requirements by the following features, among others:

  • Comfort ski boots - simply ideal for connoisseurs and as beginners' ski boots. The ski boots are light, comfortable, warm and soft.
  • All-rounder - for advanced skiers who like to ski fast but don't think much of speed. All-round ski boots offer the optimal compromise between comfort and racer boots. The comfortable inner shoe ensures comfort, while the slightly harder outer shell transfers power more directly to the skiing.
  • Performance ski boots - Do you love speed and high speed? Then racers or performance boots are the right choice for you. The outer shell is very firm and the flex is very high. Your skiing commands are pulsed to the ski without any loss of power. The thin inner shoe is also relatively firm.
  • Freeride shoes - freedom above all else! If you love freestyle on and off the slopes, you need optimum manoeuvrability and good damping on the inside. Freestylers have to be able to withstand a lot of bumps and impacts from below. That's what special freeride ski boots are for.
  • Ski touring boots - If you're climbing the mountain under your own steam, you need ski boots that offer ideal conditions both uphill and downhill. When climbing uphill, touring boots can take the forward bend without complaint and at the same time the shaft offers good grip on the descent.
  • How to care for your ski boots

    Ski boots can last up to 10 years with the right care. As a general rule, ski boots should be cleaned of ice & snow after skiing and the inner shoe should be removed for drying and airing. This protects the outer and interior material. It is worth washing the inner shoes at the end of the season, or in between if you do a lot of activity. High-quality ski boots allow the inner shoes to be machine washed. Simpler models can be washed by hand. In any case, spinning in the washing machine should be avoided.

    How to try on your ski boots

    In order to find the right ski boots, you should definitely wear the ski socks that you will be using later. The ski boots are closed from bottom to top. Nothing should pinch from the start and there should not be too much air between the foot and the inner shell. You should always be able to move your toes freely. If you already have skis, stand with your ski boots in the ski bindings, bend your knees and lean forwards against the boot shaft. All should feel comfortable and nothing should pinch. At the same time, you should feel a firm grip.

    Ski boots at Transa

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