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The right shoes for biking complete your cycling equipment. Bike shoes for women and men are optimised for activity on the bike and promise more power and comfort on your rides. They also offer additional safety. However, there are many different models - you should therefore choose your new bike shoes carefully. You can find a large selection in the Transa online shop.

What is special about cycling shoes?

Unlike normal shoes, cycling shoes are designed to rest on the pedals without slipping. Many models also have a particularly stiff sole, which is designed to optimise power transmission. However, there are differences: some flat pedal cycling shoes are similar to normal shoes. Road cycling shoes and clipless shoes, on the other hand, are often not as suitable for long lengths of cycling.

Finding the right cycling shoes

Which cycling shoes are right for you also depends on your bike and your preferred riding style:

  • Click shoes offer particularly good grip on clipless pedals and are always a good choice if you need a secure connection to the pedals on rough trails
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  • Road cycling shoes are designed to maximise power transmission with their particularly firm soles and close-fitting construction.
  • Mountain biking shoes are robust and often have a click sole or a particularly grippy tread sole. With many models, you can also run shorter distances without any problems.
  • Depending on the type of activity and budget, different materials are used for the sole material. Special rubber compounds offer strong grip, while carbon soles are extremely stiff and enable very direct power transmission.
  • The fastening system ensures a secure, snug fit. You can usually choose between lace fasteners, velcro fasteners or the BOA® Fit quick fastening system.

In addition, some cycling shoes offer other practical features, such as high breathability for warm weather or waterproof material for rainy days.

Simply practical: cycling shoe covers

Clever covers are an ideal addition to your bike shoes. In unfavourable weather conditions such as cold and rain, but also on muddy trails, they protect your cycling shoes and keep your feet dry. You can choose between two different types of cycling shoe covers in the Transa online shop:

  • You simply pull the gaiters over your cycling shoes and fasten them with a strap. This way, the soles of your bike shoes continue to rest on the pedals.
  • For shoe covers with their own soles, you should make sure that these soles match your pedals.

Covers are also available for your cycling shoes with shafts of different heights.

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