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Care products and waterproofing spray

To ensure that your outdoor equipment lasts as long as possible, you should look after it properly. This not only includes regular cleaning, but also waterproofing and professional repairs in case something breaks. At Transa, you can find various cleaning agents, waterproofing sprays and repair kits to help you prepare your equipment for all weathers and keep it in good condition.

Cleaning agents for clothing, camping tents and other items

When you're out and about, you'll want to slip into freshly washed, fragrant clothing the next morning. You can wash your outdoor clothing or functional underwear both at home and on the go if you have a washing machine or at least fresh water available. It is important to use the right care products and detergents so that your equipment is not damaged during cleaning.

These special care products for functional clothing have the advantage that, unlike conventional detergents, they remove sweat and salts as well as grease particularly gently and reliably. In addition, your outdoor clothing remains breathable and does not lose its wind and water-repellent properties over time due to sweat deposits.

There are also special detergents for down jackets or sleeping bags filled with down. These ensure that the down does not stick together when washed, but remains light and airy. This is because down can only provide good thermal performance if it is properly cared for.

In general, always follow the specific cleaning instructions specified by the manufacturer for the respective materials so that you can enjoy your outdoor clothing for a long length of time.

Impregnation spray for travelling

For optimum moisture protection, clothing and shoes need to be re-impregnated from time to time. At Transa, you will find various waterproofing sprays that you can apply to your clothing, shoes and equipment (e.g. camping). The products are easy to spray on and ensure that everything is well protected against moisture again. The impregnation also has the advantage that the materials are not only water-repellent, but also dirt-repellent.

Transa also offers special impregnation agents for breathable materials such as Gore Tex. These ensure that the windproof, waterproof and breathable properties of the material are retained for a long time.

Repairs made quickly

Whether small tears or holes - damage to clothing or equipment (e.g. camping) can quickly end your tour prematurely. Rain that drops into your tent at night or a broken zip in your winter jacket are not only unpleasant, but should be repaired immediately. It is best to always take a suitable repair kit with you on your tours. This should contain at least one repair adhesive, a sewing kit and zip puller, as well as fabric tape for emergencies. It is also important that you check your equipment for damage before and after every tour and repair it as quickly as possible before the damage becomes bigger and a repair may no longer be possible.

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