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Long-distance hike in Ticino: the Via Alta Vallemaggia

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The Via Alta Vallemaggia is a long-distance hiking route packed with variety: within Ticino, it takes you through Mediterranean and Alpine landscapes alike. Here, we’re showcasing this long-distance hike in southern Switzerland as a six-day tour.

When you’re on the Via Alta Vallemaggia in Ticino, the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life is but a distant memory. This long-distance hiking route covers 19 stages and a total of 200 kilometres. Some of it takes you along white-and-red mountain routes, before steering you back to blue-and-white sections.

We’ll show you a version of the route encompassing six one-day legs, which you can either start in Locarno or in Fusio. Both are easily reachable by public transport.

Insgesamt stehen elf Hütten auf der Alpe Spluga.

All told, there are eleven huts on the Alpe Spluga.

Photo © Manuel Scherrer

Through Mediterranean and Alpine flora

The long-distance hiking trail is one of the most charming and interesting routes in Ticino’s Alps and leads you through Mediterranean and Alpine flora. However, the route also takes you back to the time of mountain nomads: some sections were traversed by herds of cattle, others used by groups of goats and their herders. All the huts you can spend the night in are also old, reconstructed buildings from this period.

The Via Alta Vallemaggia is an Alpine hiking route – so you need to be in good shape, have a head for heights and be steady on your feet. Tricky spots are secured with wire ropes and steps. Ideally, you’d tackle this long-distance hiking trail in Ticino between July and autumn, when the mountain peaks are free of snow.

You’ll probably be sleeping in huts, so you won’t need to carry a tent. However, make sure that your backpack is nice and light nonetheless. After all, the weight will feel much heavier once you’ve been carrying it for several days.

  • Ein kleiner Bergsee, umgeben von herbstlicher Landschaft im Tessin.

    Pascolo dei Laghi at 1,963 metres above sea level.

    Photo © Manuel Scherrer
  • Karge und steinige Berglandschaft auf knapp 2000 Metern über Meer.

    Val d’Osura, also commonly known as Val d’Osola.

    Photo © Manuel Scherrer

The route

Our route comprises six one-day stages:

Stage 1: Cardada – Rifugio Nimi (11.6 km/7 hrs 30 min)

Stage 2: Rifugio Nimi – Capanna Alpe Masnée (4.4 km/3 hrs 30 min)

Stage 3: Rifugio Alpe Masnée – Capanna Alpe Spluga (9.2 km/8 hrs 30 min)

Stage 4: Capanna Spluga – Rifugio Tomeo (8.3 km/7 hrs)

Stage 5: Rifugio Tomeo – Capanna Soveltra (9.7 km/8 hrs)

Stage 6: Capanna Soveltra – Fusio (8.9 km/7 hrs)

Map overview

Long-distance hiking equipment

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