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Ski tour: on the Spitzmeilen from Flumserberg

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For Anja, taking the train home and skipping traffic jams is almost as pleasing as a glorious descent in the powder. She believes ski touring is easy, straightforward, and even more environmentally friendly with public transport.

The Spitzmeilen/Wissmeilen ski tour from Tannenbodenalp is easily reached by public transport. We take the train from Zurich and we’re in Unterterzen in under an hour. After a quick change to the Tannenboden train, before we know it we’re surrounded by the stunning winter landscape of Flumserberg. To start the ski tour, we take a gondola to the Maschgenkamm mountain station. But even before the tour began, we read up on the wildlife protection zones. This region has a number of these zones. We need to avoid them during the winter months in order to preserve the wildlife. So we make our way to Alp Fursch, a groomed winter trail, avoiding the wildlife protection zone. Once we arrive at Alp Fursch, we put the skins on our skis and proceed at a leisurely pace toward Spitzmeilen.

With crampons and ice picks

We’re now standing in a beautiful snow-covered basin, surrounded by mountains, with the Churfirsten peaks to the rear and to our left. The impressive landscape never fails to inspire on this ski tour. The trail through the basin up to the Spitzmeilen is easy until you reach the steep summit rocks. Time for the crampons and ice picks as we tackle the last few metres’ through a couloir. Those final few metres are now easier thanks to the addition of chains in recent years.

  • Skitourerinnen in den Bergen
    Photo © Anja Häne
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    Photo © Anja Häne
  • Bergkette mit Schnee
    Photo © Anja Häne
  • Spitzmeilen und Wissmeilen Karte

What a great feeling – we reach the summit and embrace one another. After some well-deserved chocolate, we head back down and across to Wissmeilen – a modest peak with a summit we can easily reach with our skis attached. Our next reward reveals itself after the second summit: the powder on the north side is still in good shape and there’s lots of it. This is picture postcard ski touring: as we twist and turn on the soft powdery snow, we can’t wipe the smiles off our faces. Once at the bottom, we reset and embark on one last ascent back to Maschgenkamm. The trail climbs steadily and gently up to Zigerfurgglen and finally over to the Maschgenkamm, offering beautiful panoramic views. Now at the top, we look forward to zooming down the piste. Back at Tannenboden, we can sit back, relax and enjoy the train ride back to Unterterzen. Tired, happy and still thinking about the ski tour, we hop on the train back to Zurich. And remember: driving is no faster, especially on the way back, with the traffic jams around the Walensee.

Tour description: Ski tour on the Spitzmeilen

Duration: from Maschgenkamm to Maschgenkamm approx. 5 hours

Distance: 15 km

Difference in altitude: approx. 1,010 m

Difficulty: WS = moderate (SAC Ski Touring Grade scale)

Planning: Plan your tour carefully using a map, tour guides and the internet. Check the weather and avalanche forecasts. Look up the length and difficulty of the route and take the other participants and their abilities into account. For winter tours on unprotected terrain, you’ll always need to pack your avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. Constantly check conditions, terrain and fellow participants. Turn back in good time.

Avalanche bulletin and more
Portal for avalanche prevention

The tour description is available via SAC (for a fee):

Equipment for ski touring

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