Ice picks

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Ice picks for your next adventure

Ready to scale the peaks and conquer the snow-covered heights? At Transa, you'll find the perfect companions for your high mountain adventures - our high-quality ice picks. These indispensable tools are not only functional helpers, but also loyal companions on the way to the highest peaks.

Buy an ice pick - your key to safety

An ice pick is more than just a tool. It is your reliable companion in snow-covered landscapes and icy heights. Passionate on the move: our range of ice picks impresses with innovative technology and high quality. A secure grip, durable materials and well thought-out designs are a matter of course for us. We offer ice picks from the brands Petzl, Black Diamond and Grivel.

What types of ice picks are there?

Mountain sports ice picks

These classic ice picks are suitable for various alpine activities. They have a straight shaft and an adze-like tip that is ideal for digging footholds and cutting snow.

Alpine ice picks

Alpine ice picks are versatile tools that are suitable for both crampons and climbing. They often have a lightly curved shaft and an angled tip for efficient hammering and piercing.

Technical ice picks

These specialised ice picks are designed for demanding ice climbing. They often have a strong curved shaft and an aggressive tip for the best grip in the ice.

Materials of an ice picks


Aluminium: Light and affordable, ideal for beginners.

Steel: Robust and durable, suitable for demanding conditions.


Steel alloys: For durability and sharpness.

Hardened steel: For better penetration in ice.


Rubber or plastic: For a comfortable and secure grip.

Ergonomic shapes: For improved comfort and grip.

Shaft choice - straight or curved

Straight shaft: Good for general mountaineering tours and glacier hikes. Enables easy digging of footholds and pulling.

Curved shaft: Provides more leverage when piercing the ice. Ideal for technical ice climbing and steeper slopes.

The choice of ice picks depends strongly on the type of activity. A straight shaft is good for beginners or alpine mountain sports, while a curved shaft is more suitable for technical ice climbing. The choice of material influences the weight and robustness of the ice picks. Make sure that your choice suits your planned area of use and offers you the best grip and comfort.

How long should an ice pick be?

The length of an ice pick depends on various factors, including the type of activity, personal preference and terrain. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the right length:

General mountaineering tours: For classic mountain tours and glacier hikes on flatter terrain, a slightly longer ice axe is often recommended. The length should extend approximately from the bottom of the shaft to the tip when the ice axe is held vertically in the hand. A standard length for such tours is often in the range of 60 cm to 75 cm.

Steeper terrain and technical climbing: For more demanding tours, especially on steeper terrain or technical climbing, some mountain sports enthusiasts prefer shorter ice picks. A shorter length allows for better control and more leverage when stabbing into the ice. Lengths of 50 cm to 60 cm are common for technical climbing.

Personal height and preferences also play a role. Some mountain sports enthusiasts prefer shorter ice axes for faster handling, while others favour longer models for reaching lower into the snow. It is important that the ice axe fits your body size and individual preferences well.

Multifunctional ice picks: If you want to use one ice axe for different activities, a medium-length ice axe (e.g., 55 cm to 65 cm) could be a good choice. This offers balanced power in different terrain.

Ice picks from Petzl - quality that convinces

Discover the world of ice picks from Petzl, a renowned manufacturer that stands for innovation and the highest standards. An ice picks from Petzl combines first-class materials with well thought-out design for maximum safety. Every handle and every detail is designed to make your adventure safer and more memorable. Petzl offers ice picks for classic mountain sports, technical mountaineering, ice climbing and drytooling.

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