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Gloves: perfect protection for your hands

Cold hands and fingers are not only uncomfortable, but also less flexible, which can be more than a hindrance during various outdoor sports activities. Especially when climbing, but also when cycling or trekking, you need your fingers to be ready for action at all times. Good gloves are therefore essential for good outdoor equipment on cold days.

There are numerous different glove models, for example fingerless gloves, mittens, finger gloves or ski gloves. Depending on which activities you need gloves for, you can choose the right pair for your requirements from the wide range of models on offer here at Transa.


Gloves: comfortable, robust and pleasantly warm

Whether for use in deep snow or for a tour on your e-bike - there is the perfect pair of gloves for every area of use.

You can recognise good gloves by the following features:

  • They are as wind and water-repellent as possible, at best windproof and waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Models with an internal membrane, sturdy seams and a waterproof coating offer you reliable protection in rain and snow.
  • Gloves are light, ergonomically shaped and therefore comfortable to wear.
  • Winter gloves reliably keep your hands and fingers warm without restricting their freedom of movement.
  • The material is robust, abrasion-resistant and durable. It is also as moisture-regulating and breathable as possible to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Gloves are also as grippy as possible and ensure that you can hold things well despite wearing gloves.
  • Practical carabiners allow you to keep the pair of gloves together at all times.
  • Many models have additional loops that make it easier to hang them up to dry. They can also be clipped to your jacket or backpack.
  • Some models are equipped with extra reinforcements to protect your hands from injury. This is useful for mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders, for example, as protectors on the hands reduce the risk of injury.
  • Suitable details include pre-shaped fingers or cuffs with elasticated cords, which make the gloves even more comfortable to wear.
  • Some models allow you to remove the inner glove and wash it or allow it to dry carefully after use. If temperatures begin to rise, you can also wear the inner glove on its own.
  • Additional cuffs increase the warming effect up to above the wrists and prevent snow from penetrating.
  • Reflective elements ensure better visibility when you're out and about in the dark.

Discover the variety of glove models at Transa

At Transa, you will find numerous glove models. For example, mittens for activities in sub-zero temperatures, robust gloves made from goatskin, climbing gloves, windproof and waterproof finger gloves for skiers, light merino wool finger gloves or very warm and robust 2-in-1 alpine finger gloves.

Discover the variety of glove models at Transa.

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