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Cap, knit caps and hats: protection from the sun, rain or cold

If you're going to be out and about for a long time, it's important to have good sunshade. In addition to sunscreen, a sun hat or cap is also a good way to protect your skin from harmful uv radiation, but also from a short downpour. In winter, on the other hand, knit caps are the perfect companion to protect your head from the cold.

Knit caps, hats and caps are available in numerous variations for young and old, so you have a wide choice depending on the weather and your personal preference for the design. Here at Transa, the range is also huge and includes hats, headbands, beanies, sun caps, baseball caps, woolly hats, rain hats and fishing hats - there is certainly something for every taste.

Caps, beanies and hats: comfortable, stylish and practical

Hats, knit caps and caps not only have a practical function, but also always have a fashion component. Many people therefore also wear them in their recreation for every occasion to look cool or fashionable. For outdoor activities, hats, beanies and caps must of course meet even more requirements.

  • You can recognise good caps, knit caps and hats by the following features:
  • They are light and hardly noticeable when worn due to their low weight. Most models can also be folded up to save space and stowed away in your luggage.
  • The material is robust, wind-, water- and dirt-repellent and durable. Rain hats are made of waterproof material, while other caps and knit caps can withstand at least a short rain shower.
  • The material is as breathable and moisture-regulating as possible, as well as fast-drying, so that moisture does not build up and you do not sweat excessively.
  • Caps are usually lined with pleasantly soft fleece on the inside - for a good wearing comfort. Integrated headbands reliably absorb sweat so that it doesn't run down your face, even on strenuous tours.
  • Some hat models can be fixed firmly to your head with a removable chin strap or adjustable cord so that they can be worn even in strong winds.
  • Sun hats in particular have uv protection up to factor 50+ already integrated into many materials.
  • The materials are easy to care for. All hats, knit caps and caps can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

The right headwear for every occasion

As a fashion accessory, hats and knit caps are particularly popular with kids and teenagers. However, these versatile headwear items can do much more and are indispensable in everyday life and for many other leisure activities. It is important that you always choose your headwear according to the weather. In summer in particular, you should put the fashion aspect to one side and prioritise the sun hat. Make sure that your face and, if possible, the back of your neck are protected from direct sunlight. If it might rain, a rain hat will certainly help. Alternatively, you can of course also use a rain cape or umbrella to protect you from the wet.

Order caps, knit caps and hats from Transa

At Transa, you will find a wide range of fashionable and practical caps, hats and hats. For example, the reversible canvas cap, the wind-resistant sun hat with high uv protection, the fleece face mask with flexible opening, the light wool hat with double-layer headbands, the elegantly curved knitted acrylic hat, the versatile beanie made of fine knitwear or the microfibre sun cap with extra-large visor.

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