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Bike headwear: functional accessories for sporty heads

You already have the right cycling clothing for all weathers in your wardrobe. Now all you need is the right cycling headwear. We have a large selection for you here. From light bike caps for the summer to face masks for the really cold winter days - you're sure to find what you're looking for in the Transa online shop.

Velo headwear: the perfect addition to your helmet


Because the classic cycling helmet can neither protect you from the cold nor effectively protect you from the sun, experienced bikers always have an under-helmet cap or headband to hand for the winter in addition to their helmet. And in summer, some cyclists like to reach for a bike cap on long tours to avoid sunburn on their scalp, for example.

The light and airy cycling cap

This cycling cap with a practical sun shield provides you with good service as bike headwear, especially in summer. The light cap, also known as a road bike cap, is made from thin and breathable material and is slim enough to wear under a helmet. It protects you from too much harmful sunlight on long tours and at the same time ensures that your head doesn't overheat on the road. A narrow visor also ensures that the sunlight doesn't dazzle you too much.

The versatile tube scarf

The tube scarf, also known as the Buff scarf, is a wonderful companion throughout the cycling year. Made from light, fairly thin and multifunctional material, you can wear it around your neck, as a knit cap or knotted into a pirate scarf. Slightly thicker fabrics are used for winter activities. Warming merino wool or cosy fleece material is often used for this activity.

Knit caps and headbands for the winter months

In winter, cycling caps and headbands come into play as cycling headwear. They should be thin enough to wear under your helmet. They are usually made from windproof and water-repellent material, which is of course also breathable. Windstopper materials are also often used in their activity. Straight on very cold winter days, base layers made from windstopper materials effectively protect you from the wind and cold. However, waterproof helmet covers are best at keeping out heavy downpours. They are light and compact, so they can disappear inconspicuously into your bike backpack or jersey pocket when not in use.

Face masks for the really hardy

When the cold gets really hard, you should reach for a face mask/balaclava. As the name suggests, they cover almost your entire face, neck and neck. Thanks to this face warmer, also known as a face mask or face protectors, your face is protected from the biting wind even in the freezing cold and nothing stands in the way of your winter training, at least as far as headwear is concerned.

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