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Outdoor jackets - functional models for every season

A good outdoor jacket is a must-have if you're out and about in the great outdoors. Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose the right jacket from a range of materials. A fleece jacket, softshell jacket, coat, parka, combination jacket, waterproof jacket or a lined model? It depends on the time of year you want to be out and about, but also the duration of your tour and the type of activity - whether hiking, climbing or trailrunning. All of these factors are decisive when choosing the right jacket for you.

Perfect for combining - fleece and merino

On dry days in the transitional period, but also on cool summer days, a light jacket is usually sufficient. For example, you can take a fleece jacket with you, which offers good thermal protection in cool temperatures. It can also be tied lightly around your hips when temperatures rise during the day. A merino wool jacket is also pleasantly light and hardly weighs down your luggage, and merino also has many practical properties: The wool is breathable and anti-odour - making it ideal for active people. Both models can also be perfectly combined and can be worn as a warming mid-layer under a waterproof jacket or winter jacket.

Softshell and trekking jackets

Do you love light yet functional jackets? Then a softshell jackets is the right choice for you. It is pleasantly light in weight, but still keeps you nice and warm and is very soft and cosy. This jacket won't mind a short rain shower. On the other hand, a light trekking jacket will dress you a little more robustly. The advantage here lies in the featuresbags, which often have many integrated bags in which you can store numerous accessories. A trekking jacket usually offers you good wind protection, but is less suitable for long downpours.

Chic coats and parkas

If a fashionable look is important to you, a chic parka or coat might be just the thing for you. Both have an extra-long cut so that your entire body is protected from the wind and weather. Depending on the model, coats and parkas are more suitable for the transitional season. The winter parka is different - it is usually lined with warming down or synthetic fibers and will get you through cold winter days.

Practical combination jackets

Whether spring, autumn or winter - temperatures in the mountains can fluctuate strongly regardless of the season. To avoid having to take several jackets with you on your tour, you can also opt for a practical combination jacket (2-in1 jacket). The advantage of these jackets is that they can be separated from each other with a removable inner section. This means you can adapt your jacket to the current temperature and are never dressed too warm or too cold.

Lined jackets for extra cold days

As soon as the temperatures drop below freezing, a softshell or trekking jacket is no longer enough. A lined winter jacket is therefore a better choice on these particularly cold days and allows you to spend your time outdoors actively. You can choose between the traditional down filling with its top insulation values and the new, innovative and moisture-resistant synthetic fibre fillings.

Optimal protection against the wet - rain poncho or waterproof jacket

If you are travelling for several days, rain protection such as a poncho or waterproof jacket should not be missing from your luggage. You can choose from numerous materials such as Gore-Tex, DryVent, OutDry and others, all of which have already proven their worth. They all protect you from getting wet. Even if it rains heavily, your dresses and backpack will be optimally protected. However, it is important that the rainwear is not only waterproof at the seams, but also at the zips and bags.

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