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Down jackets for women and men in different variations

If you like it nice and warm and light in winter, opt for a cosy down jacket. This classic piece has a soft filling made from the down feathers of ducks and geese. The fluffy feathers are finely knotted, so they store a lot of air, which warms up and provides excellent insulation. The down jacket is lightweight and yet is one of the warmest items of clothing for the cold season. Browse through the large selection of down jackets for women online or pop into one of our shops to find the right model for you.

A down jacket for winter outdoor activities

The down jacket is a timelessly popular classic for every season. The range includes attractive variants for women in feminine designs. From sports jackets and weatherproof outdoor models to stretchy lifestyle coats, Transa offers a wide variety of down clothing. Whether you're looking for a jacket with or without a hood, you're sure to find the right down jacket here. The hood is helmet-compatible on many models, making them ideal for a wide range of sporting activities. The sophisticated details also include practical zip pockets, elasticated cuffs and adjustable hems.

A wide variety of down jackets

Jackets lined with down have a typical design. Topstitching bottoms the fabric of the down jackets into numerous chambers that hold the down feather filling in place. The chambers also increase the durability of the clothing. Almost every jacket therefore has an attractive quilting pattern, which can be crosswise, lengthwise, diagonally striped or diamond-shaped, for example. The range also offers a surprising variety of colours. Boldly coloured down jackets are available as well as models in subtle and dignified shades.

The down jacket - unbeatable for cold days

Real down is a natural product. Jackets lined with high-quality down feathers from ducks or geese offer excellent warmth. Down jackets for women are literally light as a feather and highly functional at the same time. They mould softly to the body and have a strong compressibility. A down jacket is also breathable and therefore makes your body feel comfortable. The hood also has a soft down filling.

The thermal performance can be seen from the following key figures:

  • Cuin (fill power)
  • Mixing ratio of down and support feather
  • Filling quantity (weight per unit area)

The fill power

Transa offers models for women with different fill powers. The Cuin value provides information about the bulking or filling power. The higher the value, the better the compressed feathers puff up again and the better the material insulates in relation to its weight and volume. While 500 cuin is the minimum for a light down jacket, the down filling in a model with 600 cuin is already of good quality. Down jackets with 800 cuin and more have an enormous fill power. They offer an excellent ratio of thermal performance, volume and weight and are also suitable for more extreme outdoor conditions.

The perfect mix ratio

How well a down jacket insulates also depends on the proportion of supporting feathers. Support feathers are included in almost every down jacket for women. They increase stability. The lower their proportion, the better the jacket warms, as the finely branched down stores more air due to its fluffy structure. A high proportion of down makes the garment extra soft and gives it a high fill power. The mix ratio is usually indicated on the down jackets. The specification 80/20 means that the filling consists of 80 per cent down and 20 per cent support feathers. At 90/10, the down content is 90 per cent.

The filling quantity

The thermal performance also depends on the filling quantity. The basis weight is often given in grams per square metre. A jacket with a large filling quantity generally keeps you particularly warm and is the ideal companion for cold days in winter.

Weatherproof thanks to impregnation

Innovative technologies form a symbiosis with the natural raw material and significantly increase comfort. Many jackets have a DWR impregnation. This serves as an outer protective layer against moisture. This brings enormous advantages, straight for a down jacket. The down feathers have the disadvantage compared to synthetic fibre filling that they store moisture and therefore dry slowly. Wet down sticks together and loses its insulating effect. Many high-quality models, for example from the renowned brands Peak Performance and Patagonia, have an impregnation that gives the garments a water-repellent surface and keeps the lining dry.

RDS-certified quality

Labels such as Haglöfs and Arc'teryx use products that meet the requirements of the Responsible Down Standard, or RDS for short, to manufacture their down jackets. Fashion with the RDS certificate contains down feathers from animal-friendly sources. With the help of the label, the origin can be traced from chick to feather without any gaps.


A down jacket for women is warm yet light. It weighs less than many other winter jackets while providing the same warmth. This is particularly advantageous for sporting activities and makes the down jacket ideal for long outdoor activities.