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Trousers for every season

In addition to a jacket and suitable outdoor outerwear, you also need a good pair of trousers that can cope with the high demands of the outdoors depending on the season and activity. When hiking in summer, it is usually sufficient to wear shorts & capris during the day, while good hiking trousers are the best choice on cooler days. If you plan to be out and about for several days, waterproof trousers are a must in your hiking pack. If you're also heading to the mountains in winter, winter trousers, skiing trousers or touring trousers offer you optimum protection in sub-zero temperatures. No matter what activity you like to do outdoors, at Transa you will find numerous trouser models for your favourite sport.

Perfect for summer - light capris and shorts

When the temperatures are pleasantly mild to hot, you will hardly want to wear long, heavy trousers. Instead, you'll need loose, light trousers that won't make you sweat, even in higher summer temperatures. At Transa, you can choose from summery shorts and Bermudas, as well as capri trousers, functional trekking shorts and other light and airy trousers. Despite their light materials, they all have a certain robustness, breathability and a good fit in common. Of course, a few bags for important outdoor accessories should not be missing.

Hiking trousers - functional and robust

Would you like to go on a multi-day trekking tour, for example in spring or autumn? Then functional hiking trousers are just the thing for you. These trousers are usually made from light, water-repellent and robust materials, providing optimum protection from the wet and cold in wind and weather. Hiking trousers are equipped with several bags and useful additional functions such as ventilation zips on the side or large pockets for maps and tools.

Outdoor trousers that are particularly suitable for alpine touring can also be found in our range. With these trousers, you should make sure that they are made from particularly robust, windproof, water-repellent and breathable materials. Touring trousers should also be light. Details such as abrasion-resistant material on the knees and seat as well as waterproof zips are other useful features for outdoor trousers for demanding mountain enthusiasts.

Windproof and waterproof trousers for cold and wet days

On rainy days, simple hiking trousers are not enough. In these conditions, waterproof trousers or weatherproof trousers are the right choice for exploring mountains and forests. Thanks to their generally small packing size, waterproof and windproof trousers can be easily stowed away in your backpack and only put on when needed. Models where you can simply open the side zips to put them on without having to take off your shoes are particularly practical. There is also a choice of waterproof trousers for warm and cold days, although winter trousers are recommended for sub-zero temperatures.

Enjoy the snow with warm winter trousers

When the thermometer starts to dip below freezing, classic outdoor trousers or rain trousers are no longer enough. To retain body heat, you need warm winter sports trousers. Some models can simply be worn under outdoor trousers to increase thermal insulation, while others are suitable for wearing over them. However, there are also thickly lined winter trousers that offer a very high level of thermal protection on their own. In any case, choose trousers that feature good climate comfort. This means trousers that are warm, but still breathable enough and reliably transport moisture to the outside.

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