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Cycling trousers

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Technically designed cycling trousers keep you firmly in the saddle

Basically, you can remember one thing - if you're in the saddle, you need the right trousers. Neither on a horse nor in the saddle is it good to sit in jeans. Cycling trousers are clearly the better alternative here. Cycling trousers have no annoying seams in the crotch or on the inside of the legs. Furthermore, the fit, the material and the seat pad are adapted to the needs of the cyclist.

Fit, material and seat pad - that's what matters!

Cycling trousers are tailored to the special needs of cycling. The most important difference to conventional sports trousers is the seat pad incorporated into the cycling trousers. This padding in the crotch and seat area is as versatile as the needs of the cyclist are different. For this reason, great attention should be paid to this.

A second criterion for the perfect cycling trousers is their cut and fit. Road cyclists prefer a close-fitting cut so that they can be as streamlined and fast as possible. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, like to wear slightly wider cycling trousers, although these are usually fitted with tight-fitting inner trousers that incorporate the appropriate seat pad.

A third criterion is the material. As with other outdoor trousers, cycling trousers should be breathable. Cycling trousers that are also worn in colder temperatures should also be as wind-repellent as possible. A special form of cycling trousers is waterproof trousers. However, they are intended more as overtrousers that are simply put on over the cycling trousers if it suddenly starts to rain.

Cycling trousers for every occasion

At Transa, you will find numerous cycling trousers for a wide range of uses. From short bike bibs to long waterproof trousers, we have it all. But what exactly is the difference? Here is a short overview:

The conventional cycling trousers

The short bike trousers were originally designed for road cycling. They are close-fitting, elasticated and do not constrict. The leg cuffs are coated with silicone on the inside to prevent them from riding up when pedalling. The material is breathable, moisture-regulating and quick-drying, so they won't stick to your legs when wet and sweaty. They are available as short cycling trousers for the summer or in a long version for the cold season.

Bib tights - the ones with the tank tops

The cycling trousers with tank tops, also known as bib tights, are particularly popular with professionals. The tank tops have the additional advantage that the trousers cannot slip. They also eliminate the waistband at the waist so that nothing can pinch in this area.

Mountain bike trousers

Mountain bike trousers have to be able to take a lot of punishment. Straight downhill or on an enduro tour, the particularly hard-wearing material proves its worth, as a thorn bush or branch that you scrape past, or even a fall, won't immediately ruin them. Most MountainVelo trousers come with removable inner trousers. However, you can also wear MountainVelo trousers over conventional cycling trousers or special cycling briefs.

Winter cycling trousers

In winter, cyclists reach for arm warmers and leg warmers to extend their short bike trousers. Or they can opt for warm winter cycling trousers. These are either long, windproof and lined cycling trousers, known as thermal trousers, or slightly shorter, knee-length mountain cycling trousers made from robust, windproof and water-repellent material. It is sufficient to wear bike briefs underneath the thermal trousers. In winter, simply wear the knee-length MountainVelo trousers over your normal short or long cycling trousers - and your winter outfit is complete.

Velo rain trousers

The name says it all. The waterproof bike trousers are made for bad weather. If the heavens open their floodgates, you can quickly pull them over your normal cycling trousers and be protected from the wet. They are usually made of relatively light material and can therefore be packed away in your backpack when the sun starts to shine in a fix and compact way. And for light entry and exit, even with shoes, they are usually equipped with side zips, which also serve well as a ventilation option.

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