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Travel backpacks

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Discover the world with a travel backpack

A travel backpack is as comfortable as a suitcase, but can be carried like a backpack. This is why this type of backpack is often called a suitcase backpack. The outer shape of travel backpacks is sometimes more reminiscent of a suitcase with tank tops, while some look like backpacks with a round zip. Your destination, your means of transport and the duration of your trip will determine which model is right for you.

The travel backpack and its variants

The needs and requirements of suitcase backpacks are as varied as travelling itself. At Transa, you'll find the right travel backpack for every destination. Whether you are travelling by bike, on foot, by plane or by train - there is the ideal travel backpack for every journey. Here is a brief overview of the different types available:

  • nearly square suitcase backpack with 60 litres or 70 litres packing volume
  • size backpacker with zipped daypack and many side bags
  • Travel backpack for cyclists with a snug fit and good ventilation
  • Specially for hand luggage on aeroplanes: light and adapted to the prescribed mass
  • suitcase backpack with wheels, ideal for travelling by train, ship or plane
  • different models for women and men

Travelling with a backpacker

The best travel backpack for trekking enthusiasts is a backpack - a model that is more like a backpack but is practically divided like a suitcase. The main compartment can be conveniently opened like a suitcase with a round arch zip and you have everything in view. It is particularly convenient if you can zip in a intermediate bottom so that dirty and fresh laundry can be stored separately.

A travel backpack for backpacking is usually larger than 60 or 70 litres. However, the size also depends on the duration of the trip. After all, if you are carrying all you need for everyday life while travelling on your back, you need an excellent carrying system. Many models offer excellent systems with back length adjustment, X-frame and anatomically shaped hip belt. The hip belt is often referred to as a hip fin, as fin-shaped straps protrude on the left and right.

Removable daypack

Backpackers appreciate it when they don't have to lug all their luggage around on every day trip. Many travel backpacks are therefore equipped with a removable daypack, which has a ventilated back and padded shoulder straps, just like its bigger brother.

A travel backpack for two-wheeled tours

Whether you're travelling by bike or scooter, your needs are different on two wheels than on two legs. A map compartment, an attachment for your helmet, a separate compartment for tools - all of these are important for your two-wheeler trip. These special travel backpacks also have a waterproof cover, water bottle holder and a key holder. A good fit is achieved thanks to the specially adapted carrying system. Compression straps keep the volume and thus the air resistance as low as possible.

With the suitcase on your back

A suitcase backpack is all about comfort and good packing options. On the inside, all features are designed to ensure that even business clothes arrive at their destination in good condition. There should also be a padded compartment on the back for the laptop.

This special form of travel backpack is ideal for weekend trips and business trips by car, train or plane. Many models have hand luggage dimensions for aeroplanes. Most suitcase backpacks have soft padding all round and removable shoulder straps that can be stowed separately. Two handles, one at the top and one at the side, make it easier to transport by hand.

A special type of travel backpack is a suitcase backpack with wheels. This intelligent hybrid of trolley and backpack offers double the comfort. It can be packed comfortably like a trolley and moved lightly thanks to the wheels. If this is not possible, you can carry it like a backpack thanks to the shoulder straps.

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