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Backpack: for small and large travel and touring luggage

The most beautiful destinations are off the beaten track. You can't reach the exciting hut tour or the far-flung destination by car, bus or train. At best, your feet will carry you there and it will be much lighter on you, your back and your feet if you carry your travel or tour luggage in a functional backpack.

Backpacks for long-distance travel, for long and short tours and also for expeditions to great heights are all available from Transa in numerous different sizes, versions and designs.

Backpacks for day trips

You can store everything you need for the day in a daypack. Some food, important accessories that you need along the way and perhaps a change of clothes and rain protection in case you get caught in a shower. When it comes to daypacks, it is important that they are as light and handy as possible, as they should only hold small items. At Transa, you will find various daypacks in different sizes, from a volume of around ten litres upwards.

Travel backpacks - for short and long-distance travel

As an alternative to a suitcase, you can also opt for a travel backpack, which is available in different volumes depending on the duration of your trip. Travel backpacks are worthwhile wherever you would find it difficult to carry a suitcase. The carrying system of travel backpacks is usually very comfortable, so you can easily transport even larger loads.

Backpacks for hiking and trekking

Do you prefer to spend several days travelling through mountains and forests? Then a hiking or trekking backpack is just the thing for you. At Transa, you'll find these models in numerous sizes. Thanks to innovative carrying systems, you can travel safely even with a lot of luggage, as the load is distributed via a well thought-out back system, padded hip belts and shoulder straps with relief straps. The many additional pockets on trekking and hiking backpacks, in which you can store important outdoor accessories, are also practical.

Safe in the snow

If you are also out and about in winter, for example skiing or snow hiking through remote forests, then an avalanche backpack is indispensable. If the worst comes to the worst, an integrated air cushion that opens automatically in the event of an avalanche and keeps you as high up as possible in the avalanche can save your life.

The right backpack for your photographic equipment

As a real photo enthusiast, you always have your camera with you when you're out and about. A special photo backpack is essential to ensure that it is not damaged by wind and weather and that it is reliably protected from falls. Not only can you store the camera itself in this backpack, but also all the necessary accessories such as tripods, memory cards and batteries. Transa also has such models on offer for you.

On the go by bike

Everyday bikers, couriers and cyclists who pedal to work, school or university every day will also find what they are looking for at Transa. The bike and courier backpacks are designed to be carried on the bike in all weathers without restricting your riding. Waterproof, very robust and yet light - these are the criteria that these backpacks fulfil.

Hydration pack, rain covers and even more accessories

Other useful accessories that you can find at Transa are hydration packs, which allow you to take liquids with you at all times when you are out and about. You don't have to interrupt your activities, but can simply take the desired quantity of liquid via an integrated drinking tube. To protect your backpack from rain on the go, you can use an extra rain cover that you simply slip over the backpack. This guarantees that everything stays dry.

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