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Magnesium for climbing: great deals at Transa

Dry hands are an important prerequisite for the necessary grip on the wall, in the climbing gym or via ferrata. Magnesium helps to keep your hands dry even on sweaty tours or in high temperatures. As a powder or in liquid form, magnesium carbonate ensures that the palms of your hands are dry as dust and that you have the necessary grip when climbing. In our range, we offer chalk in powder form to fill your chalk bag, practical balls filled with chalk for kneading and liquid magnesium for purchase. So you'll be well prepared for your next climbing trip.

Magnesium for climbing in different variants

What is known as chalk among climbers is actually magnesium carbonate and is spread on the palms of the hands. The magnesium carbonate ensures that there is no moisture on the surface of the skin and that your hands remain dry as dust. Manufacturers such as FrictionLabs, Black Diamond, Wild Country, Tokyo Powder and others offer magnesium for climbers in various forms. We have put together an extensive range for you from all of the variants.

Classic magnesium in powder form

The classic form of magnesium for climbing is in powder form and this powder is usually carried in practical chalk bags on the hip. This means you have access to the powder at all times and can easily keep your hands dry during a tour. We offer magnesium carbonate in powder form in different quantities and practical packaging that can be resealed airtight after removal. This means the magnesium carbonate stays dry and can be stored anywhere between your climbing tours.

Practical chalkballs

The use of chalkballs is becoming increasingly popular, especially in bouldering gyms. They have the advantage that you don't have excess magnesium carbonate on your hands when using them and therefore don't stand in a cloud of dust. The balls are lightly kneaded in the hand, ensuring a complete layer of magnesium that keeps your hands pleasantly dry. These balls generally do not contain any additives or drying agents so as not to harm your hands, the material or the environment.

Liquid magnesium as a dust-free alternative

As an alternative, some manufacturers now also offer liquid magnesium that you rub into your hands. A light layer then forms on your palms, giving you optimum grip in all areas of climbing over a long period of time. This variant is completely dust-free and ideal for climbing environments with high humidity, activities in climbing gyms and redpoint attempts. We stock liquid magnesium in practical plastic bottles with different filling quantities. Have you never used liquid magnesium for climbing before? Then you can now order your trial set from our online shop.

Order magnesium for climbing at Transa

Whether you prefer liquid magnesium carbonate, handy chalkballs or classic powder for climbing, we have the practical items for your favourite sport at a fair price. Once we have received your order, we will prepare your delivery for dispatch within a short time and you will receive your desired items directly to your home. We also stock matching chalk bags, bouldering brushes and lots more accessories, clothing and equipment for climbing.

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