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Cycling bags give us a sense of freedom and connection to nature, and are also a popular sport for all ages and abilities. In addition to the sporting aspect, a bike tour is a shared activity for families with kids, couples and senior citizens. So that you always have the most important things to hand when you're out and about, we have practical cycling bags for every need. We have small models for tools and snacks for your next training session on the time trial bike, larger models for day trips, bike panniers for everyday errands and bike touring bags for multi-day holidays on your bike.

Small bike bags for day trips

When training on a road bike or on the way to work, it is practical to have the most important utensils for fixing a flat tyre or other punctures on your bike. The small bags for attaching to the top tube make it easy to do this without having a strong impact on the aerodynamics that are so important for athletic power. Small saddle bags that are attached to the seat post fulfil the same purpose. These small bike bags usually have a large compartment with a zip for quick opening. Sometimes there is also a separate compartment for storing keys, smartphone or cash. In addition to tools, keys and smartphones, you can also store energy bars, gels and other snacks for on the go.

Bags for bikepacking and bike tours

For those who like to set off on multi-day tours, bike touring bags offer plenty of storage space for clothing, care products and provisions. These significantly larger bags are usually attached to the luggage rack and offer plenty of storage space and stability. For multi-day tours on a road or cross bike, we also offer large-volume panniers that can be attached to the top tube and seat post. Although their storage space is somewhat smaller than that of bicycle panniers, it is sufficient for important items. In any case, it is important to be clear about the exact intended use and the bike being used before buying a cycling bag.

Material and properties of sago bags

Most manufacturers use a hard-wearing material to ensure that the luggage in sago bags stays dry and clean even in bad weather. Synthetic fibres with a special coating are water-repellent and keep the contents of the bags clean and dry, even on mountain bike tours through the forest in the rain. The bag material can be easily cleaned after the tour under running water and with a little soap. Smaller bike bags are usually fastened with an easy-to-use velcro fastener. With larger bags, special fastening devices ensure that the luggage is held securely in place.

Other cycling bags and accessories

Our selection of bags for bikes also includes practical protective bags that can be used to efficiently protect the frame, wheels and other equipment when travelling or during long periods of storage. If the bike is stored in the basement during the winter and is not needed, a light plastic bag to cover it protects it from dust and other dirt. Our range also includes practical bag accessories that are required for attaching the bag to the frame or seat post, for example. Find the right bag for your next bike tour or useful accessories in the Transa online shop now. You can choose between items from well-known brands such as Ortlibe, TranZbag, Apidura and many others. Short delivery times and fair prices are guaranteed when you order new bags for bikepacking, day tours or training sessions from our online shop.

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