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Cycling bags from Transa: stylishly on the go, practically stowed away

The cycling bags from Transa combine functionality with elegance. They are not only extremely practical, but also stylishly designed. These bags offer enough space for all your things and are still compact and light to transport. They are perfect for everyday use, but also for long bike tours. Thanks to high-quality materials and careful workmanship, they are robust and durable. The various compartments allow you to store your items clearly and securely. With cycling bags from Transa, you are always well equipped and look good at the same time. Give your bike a touch of class and comfort with our cycling bags. You'll find brands such as Ortlieb, Vaude, Apidura, Restrap and many more.

Versatile uses for cycling bags

Cycling bags offer an excellent solution for storing and transporting items while riding. They are available in different sizes and designs to meet the diverse needs of cyclists. Cycling bags are ideal for long length trips as they provide space for provisions, tools and other necessary equipment. Cycling bags are robust, weatherproof and easy to install. Some models offer additional functions such as reflective elements for greater safety in the dark. It is important to choose the right bag for your specific needs.

What types of cycling bags are there?

There are different types of cycling bags tailored to different needs. The best known are:

  1. Saddle bags: Small and compact, ideal for tools and other small items.
  2. handlebar bags: Located in front of the handlebars, suitable for maps, snacks and other quickly accessible items.
  3. Pannier bags: Larger bags that are attached to the luggage rack. Perfect for long tours or shopping.
  4. Frame bags: Attached to the bike frame, ideal for valuables and tools.
  5. Triangle bags: Utilises the space between the frame tubes, good for smaller items.

Each type of bag has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that you consider your specific needs before choosing a cycling bag.

Ortlieb cycling bags at Transa

Ortlieb bike bags are known for their high quality and durability. We have a wide selection of these bags that are suitable for various purposes. Whether you are looking for a waterproof bag for your next bike tour or need a robust bag for everyday use, Ortlieb has the right model for you. These bags are not only functional, but also stylish. With their modern design and wide range of colour options, you can be sure that you will always look good. Transa attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, which is why they are happy to help you choose the right Ortlieb cycling bag. Buy an Ortlieb cycling bag from Transa now.

Which bike bags for tours?

Choosing the right bike bags for tours depends on various factors. Firstly, you should consider how long your tour will last and how much luggage you need to take with you. For longer tours, we recommend sturdy, waterproof panniers with sufficient storage space. Models with a roll closure or lid flap are particularly practical as they protect the contents from the rain. Also pay attention to the fastening options: Bags with a Quicklock system can be attached to and removed from the bike quickly and easily. Bicycle bags that can be used as a backpack are also practical if you want to cover part of the route on foot. However, please note that not all bags are suitable for all types of bike. Therefore, before buying, check whether the bag you have chosen is suitable for your bike.