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Don't forget personal hygiene and first aid

If you are planning a multi-day tour, you will not only need a change of clothes, but also a few toiletries. After all, you will often work up a sweat during various activities and want to start the day refreshed again in the morning after spending the night camping or in a mountain hut. At Transa, you will therefore find a wide range of different hygiene items such as soap, towels, flannels and wash bags so that you don't have to do without anything when it comes to personal hygiene.

You should also not forget a good first aid kit, which you can also find here at Transa in different variants for outdoor activities. Such a kit is used for first aid if something should happen to you or one of your companions on the trail.

Soap and other hygiene accessories

Hygienically clean and pleasantly fragranced - this is also important to many hikers after a tour lasting several days. Soap discs are particularly practical here, allowing you to optimally dose the soap. But you don't just need soap for washing when you're out and about. You may want to take a shampoo for your hair, the right shaving cream for your daily shave or even a fragrance spray with your favourite scent - you'll find it all here. Hygiene accessories also include things like clothes pegs, toilet seat covers, urination aids, washbags, refreshing wipes or products  for menstruation. You can also find dental floss, toothbrushes, nail clippers, creams, mouthwashes or collapsible hairbrushes here.

Size and small functional towels

After showering or washing, you need a clean, dry towel. When travelling, you can take a small and a large towel with you to be prepared for a quick wash in between, but also for a proper shower. And after a long shower, you'll feel much more active and can start the day feeling refreshed. You can find suitable towels for your next outdoor tour at Transa in different sizes and materials. What they all have in common is a small packing size and a material that is fast-drying, so that you can quickly stow the towels back in your backpack to keep them dry.

Toiletries - space for your toiletries

To prevent your toiletries from sliding around wildly in your backpack, there are practical toiletries bags, also known as toiletry bags, in various shapes and sizes. You can store all your toiletries neatly in the large main compartment as well as in the additional compartments. This means you don't have to spend a long time searching for your toiletries when you're out and about and each of your toiletries has a safe place. As the bags are firmly closed and waterproof, hygiene items are also prevented from leaking onto your other luggage.

UV protection with a good sunscreen

When the sun is shining, good sunshade is a must. Even on cloudy days, there is a risk of skin damage, which is why you should not do without a good sunscreen. At Transa, you will find various creams that you can easily stow in your luggage

First aid kit - for small emergencies

In order to be prepared in the event of an injury and to be able to provide first aid, it is essential to have an appropriate kit in your luggage. It often contains important bandaging materials, but also scissors, a survival blanket, disinfectant spray and many other things that you will need to provide first aid to an injured person in an emergency


Don't forget insect protection

In summer and in regions where malaria or other diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes, insect protection (e.g. mosquito nets, spray) is essential. This also applies to protection against ticks (tick tweezers, tick spray), especially if you are travelling in areas with an increased incidence of Lyme disease or TBE. These items are also available in the Transa shop.

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