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Camping chairs and camping stools are also comfortable

A camping chair or camping stool makes every open-air excursion comfortable. Both are indispensable, they are always foldable and lightweight. A chair offers you more comfort with a backrest, while the stool has a smaller packing size and weight. Camping chairs are always very welcome at the campsite, on a fishing trip, on a day trip or even in the garden.

Which type of camping chair and camping stool is suitable?

It all depends on what you have in mind. As camping accessories for a relaxing holiday with a motorhome or camping tents, the comfortable models offer everything you need to relax. If there is little space available or you have to carry the camping stool yourself, then the lightweight models you will find in our online shop will give you a lot of pleasure.

Director's chair

Ideal in the sand and on soft underground. The director's chair does not have legs, but instead has two crossbars that can be folded out crosswise. As a result, this camping chair does not sink in and offers a secure hold. It is available in simple versions with little weight through to comfortable camping chairs with lots of accessories.

Folding stool

Compact seating with little comfort. Its biggest advantage is its low weight and modest space requirement when folded. Suitable for emergencies and short breaks.

Three-legged stool

The space saver among all seating options. The tripod can be folded up in one easy step, the seat is usually made of fabric and folds up when stowed away. This model doesn't take up much more space than an umbrella. However, you have to do without great seating comfort here.

Camping chairs

Luxuriously equipped with a high backrest and comfortable armrests, the foldable camping chair offers the greatest possible comfort when it comes to camping chairs or camping stools. The weight plays a subordinate role here, but the mesh fabric, tubular steel frame and solid joints offer everything you could wish for.

Beach chair

The low seat height is what makes the foldable beach chair so comfortable. You can comfortably stretch out your legs and play with your feet in the sand.

Folding chair

A folding chair is particularly suitable for the garden, terrace or balcony. It is also practical for festivals and other outdoor adventures. Most models come with a pannier bag that is equipped with a carrying strap. A folding chair usually consists of foldable poles and a fabric cover. The weight can vary from less than 2 kg to over 5 kg. The lighter and more stable the material, the more you need to invest.

The right camping chair for everyone

At Transa, you will find ultra-light folding stools that are even suitable for trekking due to their featherweight and make breaks more relaxing. Or the folding chair with upholstery. It offers the highest level of seating comfort and is ideal if there is a lot of storage space in the motorhome. The tripod model has been popular on uneven terrain since time immemorial, as three legs can always be levelled. And as a useful accessory, a cup holder keeps your favourite drink within easy reach at all times.

Heavy outdoor enthusiasts should make sure that they sit securely and stably in a suitable camping chair when camping. The seat height is also important. You need an appropriate seat height at the table. But if your camping chair is intended more for beach life, the lower version is more suitable, as you can comfortably stretch your legs in it.

Camping chairs and camping stools are essential for an outdoor stay if comfort is important to you. Your back will also thank you for the relaxed sitting position.

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