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So close to heaven in a hammock

With a hammock, you are always a little closer to heaven - both on an outdoor tour and at home. You can choose between the classic hammock with a frame for the garden, cosy models made of cotton or small, foldable travel hammocks made of synthetic fiber and much more.

The different types of hammocks

Pole hammock

The pole hammock is ideal in the garden or on the balcony. A spreader bar keeps the lying surface stretched out on both short sides. This makes it easier for you to get started and at the same time, the hammock doesn't have to be attached high up because it doesn't sag as low. A frame into which the pole hammock is hung is ideal for hanging. This works just as well in the garden as it does at home. This means you are not dependent on trees or supports and can choose your favourite spot.

Cloth hammock

A cloth hammock is a classic. It is often brightly coloured, woven from sturdy cotton and large enough to lie across in. This is actually the best solution for your back. In the cloth hammock, you can lie in any position, cosily wrapped up and safe. Sleeping in a cloth hammock is a special experience.

Travel hammock

The travel hammock is used for camping, trekking or travelling. The light synthetic fiber material makes it ideal for these outdoor activities. It weighs almost nothing and can be folded up surprisingly small. As an outdoor fan, you should always have it in your backpack. It is just as suitable for a short lunch break as it is for an overnight stay outdoors.

A speciality are hammocks with mosquito protection, which are essential in tropical and subtropical regions. Here you are reliably protected from annoying insects at night and can relax undisturbed.

Different fastening options

The different types are also fastened at different heights. The higher the sleeping position, the more fresh air can circulate between you and the heated floor. Slingers, insects and other unwelcome visitors should also find it as difficult as possible to make contact with you. However, the higher the beginners, the more difficult it will be for you to get into the hammock.

Which material is suitable for hammocks?

At Transa, you will find numerous hammocks for many different areas of use. Depending on whether you prefer to hang out in the mat at home or on the go, different fibres are used in the production of this floating sleeping option. Cotton is best suited to the home, balcony or garden. It is very stable and can be woven with colourful patterns. However, it is heavy, which doesn't matter for this area of use.

If you don't want to do without your floating outdoor bed when you're out and about, then ultra-light synthetic fibres are the way to go. Both the mat itself and the ropes and straps are made from feather-light synthetic fibres. This material has the advantage that it can be rolled up surprisingly small.

What does a hammock offer

A hammock offers the greatest sleeping comfort when you lie in it diagonally or crosswise. There are models that are made for two people and those that can hold up to 200 kg.

A new form of enjoyment is hammocking. Hammock is the English word for hammock and hammocking means enjoying life in a hammock. This can be a lunch break in the office or hanging out with friends under the treetops at the weekend. Incidentally, it is also much cooler to sleep in a hammock in your own home on hot summer nights than in a bed.

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