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Camping stoves: for small and large meals


If you are travelling outside, you need a camping stove to prepare hot meals or drinks. The selection of camping stove models is quite large - from small emergency stoves to normal camping stoves that are heated with gasoline, spirit, gas or wood, to outdoor barbecues if you don't want to miss out on delicious barbecue sausages or meat on the go. It is important that your camping stove is nice and light so that it does not weigh down your luggage unnecessarily.

At Transa, you will find numerous different camping stoves, barbecues and all the accessories you need to operate your stove. Suitable spare parts are also available in the Transa range. Just take a look.

Cooking with gas

The absolute camping stove classic is the gas stove. You can light it in seconds and immediately have a hot flame on which you can prepare tea, coffee or pots of food. The gas cartridges in most models are large enough to last for several outdoor cooking sessions. You should only think about a replacement cartridge for long tours or very frequent use (e.g. on the campsite).

Gasoline or alcohol stoves

As an alternative to gas, you can also operate many camping stoves with gasoline or alcohol. Both models are also very effective when it comes to preparing food, but the resulting odour takes some getting used to and is not to everyone's taste. With these fuels, you should take particular care to ensure that they stay out of the reach of children and are always well sealed. You will also need a small supply of fuel for long journeys to keep the cooking stove going for longer.

Taking a wood-burning stove into the forest without a fuel supply

Don't want to take any fuel supplies with you when travelling? Then simply take a camping stove with you that you can heat with wood. A wood-burning stove can simply be filled with small branches and twigs and lit while travelling. With this method, it may take a little longer until the hot meal is finally on the camping table, but you won't have to take any spare cartridges with you and you'll be travelling with even lighter luggage.

Light emergency stove for drinks and small meals

If you're travelling in a minimalist way, the emergency stove is definitely a very good option. Like the larger ones, you can use it to cook coffee, tea or even soup on the go - but this model is not intended for extensive culinary catering. The advantage is that you can easily store the very light and small emergency stove in any backpack. It can usually even be folded or collapsed.

Pure barbecue enjoyment

Do you not only want to cook and roast, but also barbecue while travelling? Then Transa also has a camping barbecue in its range for you. You can use it to grill steaks and sausages and enjoy even more culinary variety on the go. The outdoor barbecue becomes a special experience if you catch your own fish beforehand and then prepare it fresh on the barbecue.

Don't forget spare parts and fuel supplies

Before you start your tour, you should check all parts of the camping stove to make sure they are working properly. If typical wear parts (e.g. nozzles, sealing rings) are already worn or defective, it is best to replace them immediately. For long tours, it is advisable to take some important spare parts with you. Fuel supplies are also important so that you are always well supplied on your journey. You can find all the spare parts you need for your cooking at Transa.

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