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Outdoor kitchen

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Outdoor kitchen: conjure up tasty meals in the open air

Whether you're a hiker or a camper - if you enjoy being outdoors, you can also cook and eat delicious meals right outside with the right outdoor kitchen equipment. You can find everything you need for a complete outdoor kitchen here in the Transa Outdoor online shop - for example various camping stoves, crockery and pots, drinking and thermoses, canisters, bags and water purification systems, as well as fuel and other outdoor kitchen accessories.

Cooking, roasting and barbecuing

With a good camping stove or camping barbecue, you can cook, roast or barbecue outdoors - depending on how you want to prepare your meal, many things are possible. Cookers and barbecues are available in various sizes - from very small mini models to larger cooking appliances for more convenient food preparation. You will also find the right cooker model for making tea and coffee, which you can easily store in your luggage thanks to its compact size. Most cookers are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble so that they are ready for use in no time at all or can be stowed away in your luggage. And of course, Transa also offers expedition cookers that won't be blown out by the fresh wind in the mountains.

Tableware, pans and pots for various dishes

Of course, you also need the right camping tableware, pans and pots to prepare and serve your meals. What they all have in common is their very light weight, which is usually based on materials such as aluminium, stainless steel or plastic. To save space, all of them can be easily stacked inside each other. Many items can also be used for different purposes, for example pan lids that can also be used as plates. Take a look around the Transa online shop, you're sure to find the right utensils for you.

Drinking bottles and thermoses

The more active you are outdoors, the more important it is to drink plenty. However, as drinking water is not available everywhere, you should always take your own supply with you, for example in drinking bottles. If you don't want to do without your hot drinks such as tea and coffee when you're out and about, you can also fill them in one of the thermoses with a keep-warm and keep-cold function, which are available here in numerous different sizes and designs, just like drinking bottles.

Canisters, bags and water purification

Canisters and bags in various sizes are also available for larger water supplies. These can be used, for example, to store water for washing and rinsing, but also if you need a quick shower when you're out and about, for example when camping. If you are not sure whether the drinking water is really germ-free and safe for your health when you are travelling, you can also use a water purification system. You can find different variants here at Transa so that you always have the right water purification product with you depending on the region and water quality.

For safe food storage - cans & boxes

If you want to take food supplies with you and store them safely, transport boxes are ideal for this. You can find them here at Transa in various shapes and sizes. The tins and boxes ensure that your supplies are safely packed when you're on the go and that nothing leaks or spoils too quickly.

Fuels and other outdoor kitchen accessories

Do you need more for your outdoor kitchen? Here at Transa, you will find various fuels that you need to operate a camping stove. Other kitchen accessories that make it easier for you to prepare food and drinks on the go are also available here at Transa in the outdoor online shop - just take a look around!

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