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Water purification: hygienic, clean and tasty

Anyone who frequently travels to areas where clean drinking water is scarce knows how useful and even vital water purification is. With a water filter (or activated carbon filter) for water treatment, you can turn water from streams and rivers that doesn't appear clean into clean drinking water and protect yourself from illness. Especially in the tropics and other warm regions, the risk of drinking water pollution without active water sterilisation is high.

The areas of application are diverse. You can use the systems for water purification when hiking and trekking, but also when hunting, fishing or travelling. Whether bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments or viruses - using a water purification system can be a lifesaver when travelling. There are also suitable bottles with integrated water filters for kids, so you can take the whole family on exciting outdoor trips and ensure safe drinking water.

To make sure you always stay healthy when travelling, Transa offers you various water purification systems that guarantee you safe drinking water on the go.

Water purification: effective and efficient

In order to filter clean and safe water when travelling, you should only use high-quality products when choosing a water purification product. After all, your health or even your life is at stake if you drink water contaminated with germs from rivers and lakes or from a water dispenser that is not hygienic.

You can recognise good water purification products by the following features:

  • Water purification products are available in different sizes. Most filter systems are suitable for one or two people, but there are also larger systems that allow you to supply entire groups with clean drinking water.
  • The purification process is very effective, fast (e.g. thanks to the quick coupling) and safe, so you can drink the water afterwards without worrying.
  • The water purification system is light, relatively compact and easy to pack in your luggage. Small portion units allow you to individually take the right quantity for water treatment.
  • Even cloudy water (e.g. with algae and sediment) can be purified, germs removed and the taste improved with a suitable water purification product.
  • Necessary accessories are usually already included and can be taken along in a practical transport bag. Suitable accessories and spare parts are available for all water purification systems so that you can use them again and again, not just once.
  • Cleaning is very easy and quick - even when you're on the go.
  • The materials are robust and durable and free from bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances.
  • Some models can be hung up, for example from a tree or camping - as a water supply for cooking, drinking or brushing teeth.
  • A practical carrying strap makes it easy to transport larger quantities of water.

Enjoy healthy water

Drinking plenty of water is important, especially during strenuous outdoor activities. Especially in summer, when fluid loss is high. Water purification is necessary if you don't know exactly whether the water on site is germ-free. The sterilisation works differently depending on the system: a combination of chlorine and silver ions prevents recontamination, the ceramic filter works against contamination by bacteria and other pathogens and the carbon filter against contamination by chemicals. Depending on the region you are travelling to, one filter or another may be the right one for you.

Water purification products at Transa

At Transa, you will find numerous products that you can use for water purification. For example, the all-round water filter for all water qualities that can be used worldwide or the gravity filter for large quantities of water with a storage container. Tablets and liquid for simple and safe drinking water treatment and preservation, UV-based filters and self-cleaning, microbiological water filters are also available from us.

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