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Hut sleeping bags & inlets

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Hut sleeping bag: as a sleeping bag inlet or hygienic underlay

If you spend the night in a mountain hut or youth hostel on a hiking tour, it is a must: the hut sleeping bag, which serves as a substitute for bed linen and also as a warm blanket. On cooler days, you can also use the hut sleeping bag as an inlet for a well-warming sleeping bag.

Hut sleeping bags come in different shapes, for example in a mummy shape, which works well as an inlet for the sleeping bag of the same name, or rectangular models. Whether it's a silk sleeping bag for adults, a kids sleeping bag or a double sleeping bag - at Transa you'll find the right hut sleeping bag for every requirement, which you can easily take with you when travelling due to its light weight. If your sleeping bag doesn't keep you warm enough, the hut sleeping bag also offers you additional thermal protection as an inlet.


Hut sleeping bag: light, thin and pleasantly soft

A hut sleeping bag is characterised above all by its light material and can be used both as a bedding replacement for indoor overnight stays and as an inlet for a sleeping bag.

You can recognise a good hut sleeping bag by the following features:

  • The material (e.g. silk, cotton, flannel, jersey) is pleasantly soft and ensures a high level of sleeping comfort. A silk hut sleeping bag in particular feels pleasant on the skin and cools on hot summer days.
  • The side of the hut sleeping bag can be opened and closed quickly and easily using a sturdy zip or velcro fastening. Some models have an all-round zip fastener so that they can also be used as a simple blanket.
  • The sleeping bag is robust, tear-resistant and easy to care for. After travelling, it can simply be washed in the washing machine.
  • Depending on the material and thickness, it is also warm on cooler summer days.
  • The hut sleeping bag is breathable and ensures optimum moisture regulation. It dries quickly after washing.
  • It is very light and can be rolled up to save space, so it hardly takes up any room in your luggage.
  • There are different sleeping bag shapes, e.g. rectangular or mummy-shaped, so you can choose one to match your sleeping bag.
  • A cord is often integrated into the headrest, allowing you to quickly transform the upper part of the sleeping bag into a warm hood.
  • Some models also have an integrated pillow compartment where you can rest your head comfortably at night.
  • A packsack is used to store the hut sleeping bag to save space.

Sleeping in a hut sleeping bag when travelling

If you travel a lot but rarely stay in hotels, preferring to stay in budget accommodation, you won't be able to avoid a hut sleeping bag or inlet. But especially on multi-day hikes, when your backpack is already fully packed, the light and compactly stowable hut sleeping bag will serve you well and you will have your own bedding with you at every hut.

Hut sleeping bags at Transa

At Transa, you will find various models of hut sleeping bags, one of which could accompany you on your next trip. For example, the comfortable silk sleeping bag, a light sleeping bag inlet made of microfibre, a pleasantly warm inlet with Primaloft filling, a kids' travel sleeping bag made of cosy fleece material, an extremely light travel sleeping bag made of temperature-regulating silk or even the light travel sleeping bag and sleeping bag inlet for two if you are travelling with your partner and like to snuggle up with him or her in a sleeping bag.

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