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Sleeping bag: for a restful night's sleep outdoors

Whether you're camping, in the open air or staying overnight with friends - a suitable sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag are important. Because only those who sleep soft and warm at night can start the next day refreshed and in a good mood in the morning.

Transa has the right sleeping bag models for every purpose, for example the summer sleeping bag for warm temperatures and the well-insulated winter sleeping bag for overnight stays on colder nights. Particularly light models such as the ultralight sleeping bag are suitable for travel where you have to carry your luggage on your back for long lengths of time.

Sleeping bag: light, comfortable and insulating


A sleeping bag is characterised by the fact that it always keeps the body at a good temperature, regardless of the outside temperature - not too warm and not too cold.

You can recognise a good sleeping bag by the following features:

  • It is light and can be easily transported anywhere thanks to its low weight. For extra-light luggage, there are also so-called ultralight sleeping bags, which are ideal for saving weight on long trekking tours.
  • A sleeping bag is made of windproof and water-repellent material so that no moisture or wind can penetrate. It is also breathable and moisture-regulating so that you don't sweat in it at night.
  • A sleeping bag is fast-drying so that it can be hung up after the night and is quickly ready for use again.
  • Winter sleeping bags in particular have the advantage that the cold from below cannot penetrate thanks to their insulating effect. This keeps the body nice and warm even on colder nights.
  • The optimum temperature range for each model is usually explicitly stated in the respective product description.
  • The insulating fillings consist of warming down or synthetic fibres, such as the down-like PrimaLoft filling.
  • Different shapes (e.g. mummy or egg-shaped) increase the variety. You can also open a blanket sleeping bag completely and use it as a simple blanket on very warm nights, for example. The body stays warmest in a mummy sleeping bag, which encloses your body perfectly.
  • It can be cleaned lightly and, if possible, washed in the washing machine so that the material always remains hygienically clean.
  • There are special models for women with extra thick padding in the foot area, making cold feet a thing of the past. Kids sleeping bags that grow with you and can be adapted to different body lengths are also available.
  • The packing size is small and an additional transport bag or packsack allows the sleeping bag to be stowed away to save space.
  • Some models have an ergonomically shaped hood with a drawstring, which can also be used to keep your head nice and warm at night.
  • A cover strip on the zip minimises the risk of pinching.
  • Some models are couplable, meaning that you can connect two sleeping bags together with a zip to create a cosy double sleeping bag for two in no time.

The right sleeping bags for different areas of use

Only with the right sleeping bag will an overnight stay outdoors be a restful night, after which you can start the new day feeling strong and rested. Because nothing is worse than freezing at night on a hiking tour or when camping and then waking up in the morning feeling exhausted.

Summer or winter: Which cut is right for you and when?

If you are staying overnight in warmer regions, a rectangular comfort sleeping bag is the ideal solution. Blanket sleeping bags are ideal for activities in summer temperatures thanks to their usability as a fully open, rectangular cut blanket. Due to their relatively high weight and volume, they are less suitable for extended hiking trips and their reduced insulation means they are not recommended for activities in cold areas. However, as a comfortable camping sleeping bag, it performs very well in warm climates.

Good mummy sleeping bags for outdoor use have excellent insulation, are sewn without thermal bridges and have an optimal weight and packing volume ratio. Mummy sleeping bags, on the other hand, are strongly moulded to the shape of the body and therefore leave hardly any air gaps, thus ensuring less air movement that could lead to cooling. Less volume also means less weight, which makes these sleeping bags ideal for long hiking and cycling tours.

Down or synthetic fiber?

High-quality down sleeping bags are characterised by high sleeping comfort, are light and have a low volume. However, they lose insulation more quickly in damp conditions than synthetic fibre sleeping bags. Sleeping bags with synthetic fibre filling are easier to care for, cheaper on average, but heavier and bulkier than down sleeping bags. The following applies to both variants: After use, they should be stored open and dry.

Different sleeping bags at Transa

Here at Transa you will find numerous different sleeping bag models, for example the Ultralight down sleeping bag with minimal packing size, the extra-light down summer sleeping bag without hood, the winter sleeping bag with Gore Windstopper shell or the warm expedition sleeping bag with very high-quality down filling for activity in particularly low temperatures.

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