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Sleeping mat: perfect protection against the cold when travelling

A sleeping bag offers you optimum protection for an overnight stay outdoors or in a camping bag. To ensure you don't lie on the bare ground, we recommend a sleeping mat, which is available as an inflatable or solid foam camping mat. Thanks to the sleeping mat, the cold of the ground no longer has a chance to get through to you at night and the warmth of the sleeping bag is optimally supported.

Camping mats are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and designs, so you can choose exactly the model that is best suited for an overnight stay depending on the time of year you are travelling. Self-inflating sleeping mats, also known as air mattresses or camping mats, are particularly quick to use. The thicker the mat, the less ground cold will penetrate through to your sleeping bag, but the more space you will need in your luggage.

Sleeping mat: light, robust and well insulating

A good insulating mat is light, hardly lets any cold through, can be stowed away in your luggage to save space and is therefore the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

You can recognise a sleeping mat that is good to sleep on by the following features:

  • It has an insulating effect; the thicker it is, the higher the insulation value (R-value). The R-value also indicates the outside temperature up to which the sleeping mat still insulates well.
  • The sleeping mat is very light and can be quickly rolled up again after use and stowed away in your luggage to save space.
  • The underside has a non-slip material to prevent the mat from sliding back and forth in the camping tents.
  • Depending on the model, it is filled with synthetic fibres, foam, down or simply with air (e.g. inflatable camping mat).
  • The sleeping mat is robust, tear-resistant and water-repellent, so that moisture has no chance of penetrating the material. It can also be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth if there is any pollution.
  • Camping mats increase your sleeping comfort enormously as they prevent the ground cold from rising, but also provide additional cushioning on hard ground. The stonier and more uneven the ground, the thicker and softer the sleeping mat should be.
  • The thicker models are also suitable for levelling out small irregularities in the ground.
  • Some models have a corrugated surface, which provides an additional insulating effect.
  • For easy transport, a sleeping mat can be stowed in a packsack or simply held together with packing tape.
  • Many models are self-inflating, so the camping mat is ready for use in no time at all even without an extra air pump and offers you good ground cushioning. After use, the air can be released extremely quickly via a special valve.
  • Some models have a summer and winter side so that you can use them depending on the temperature.

Which mat for which area of use?

Foam mats and self-inflating mats (air mats) are the most commonly used mats. They are also relatively inexpensive. However, with inflatable camping mats, there is a risk of the mat getting a hole on stony ground. Foam mats are much more robust in this respect and are also partially winter-proof. However, they are not quite as comfortable to lie on as inflatable mats and also take up more space in your luggage. The air chambers of some air mats are also filled with down. This makes them particularly suitable for winter activities. They also have a high R-value, so you can sleep wonderfully outdoors even in the freezing cold.

Simple and high-quality camping mats at Transa

At Transa you will find a wide variety of camping mats, for example the ultra-light, comfortable inflatable sleeping mat, a light camping mat with very high insulation properties, the self-inflating camping mat with a very small packing size and low weight, but also the extra-long and extra-wide self-inflating camping mat for more sleeping comfort. An ultra-light air chamber mat, a sleeping mat with an aluminium coating and the double-sided, insulated sleeping mat with summer and winter sides are also available from Transa.

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