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Order practical chalk bags online at a favourable price

Sweaty hands are a high risk for athletes when climbing and practical chalk bags have been developed for this very purpose. They are filled with magnesium, which keeps your hands dry even during a sweaty climbing session or strenuous training in the gym. As climbing is a very physically demanding sport, your hands can sweat quickly, straight in summer temperatures, and this has a massive impact on your own safety on the wall or in the climbing gym. You can find practical magnesium bags with powdered magnesium or chalk balls for your climbing tours in our online shop from various manufacturers at an attractive price and with short delivery times.

Chalk bags: functional and robust

When choosing a new magnesium bag for chalk or chalk balls, many factors play an important role in functionality. On the one hand, such a bag should be as small as possible and have a low dead weight so as not to hinder you on the rock face, via ferrata or in the climbing gym. On the other hand, a sufficiently large bag opening is important so that you can comfortably reach inside while climbing. This is why many models have a reinforced opening. It is also important that the powder inside remains dry in all weathers. This is why water-repellent material is particularly practical for climbing bags. In addition, a tight closure system ensures that neither moisture nor dirt can get inside the bag. At the same time, the closure system also prevents powder from getting out of the bag and into your climbing gear during transport. The secure drawstring closure is particularly widespread. Another quality criterion is the presence of a brush holder. When bouldering, a bouldering brush is standard equipment for cleaning pollution from holds and should ideally always be to hand. This is ensured by a functional brush holder on the climbing bag. Finally, it makes sense to opt for a chalk bag that comes with a harness as part of the scope of delivery. In our range, however, we also offer separate straps for attaching the chalk bags. They are practical if there is no strap on your climbing bag or if the first strap is damaged due to frequent activity and needs to be replaced.

Climbing bags with a fun factor

Do you want your climbing equipment to be a little more fun or cute? Then the climbing bags from the manufacturer 8b+ might be just the right model for you. They come in a cute little monster design and impress with their large, attached eyes, fuzzy fur or other sportive details. These magnesium bags are guaranteed to make you stand out on your next climbing tour and put a smile on the faces of the other athletes. Despite their fun design, the chalk bags from 8b+ are of course also ideal for climbing and impress with their high functionality.

Order chalk bags online at Transa

Have you found a climbing bag to your taste in our range? Then you can order it directly from us within a few minutes and have it delivered to your home. We prepare items in stock for dispatch within a short time and hand them over to our logistics partner, who will deliver your shipment to you a few days later. The chalk bags available from us from Mammut, 8b+, Black Diamond, Petzl and other manufacturers impress with their high quality and functionality at a fair price. In addition to a large selection of chalk bags, we also offer matching chalk and chalkballs, practical bouldering brushes and other accessories for climbing in our online range.

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